Fact check the founders knew


I would argue that the fact they knew about repeating firearms is irrelevant. They clearly intended the citizens to keep and bear arms the equivalent or better than whatever the typical soldier in the typical army was carrying. At the time most armies carried smooth bore muskets but many civilians owned significantly more accurate and capable firearms with rifled barrels. They obviously didn’t intend citizens to be limited to single shot muskets when modern militaries are some day running around with laser rifles and light sabres.

I also see no evidence that they put restrictions on owning artillery either despite Biden’s and other anti self defense people’s claims:)


I am sure none of the fully auto weapons, RPGs, hand grenades etc. gifted by the US to the good folks of Afghanistan and Ukraine won’t ever find its way back to the US and hands of criminals, especially not via Southern border.


Of course not, and we are still “allowed” to own large ordinance delivery systems. :sunglasses:


That is not the point. The United States having its citizens armed to protect the nation if required. If you start going off on other trails you will not get to the important facts. A well-armed militia and trained, being the citizens of this great country, their rights shall not be infringed!
Since this country was created for the people and by the people, would not it make sense that the people should be able to protect this nation?
The people run this country and anything other than that is a tyrannous attack against this country.


The traitorous politicians and judge’s need to be removed and tried for breach of oath.


Maybe that is the real reason hemp was made illegal? :sunglasses: