Fabricating mass shooting data

“If you have to lie to advance your position, what does that say about your position?”


It’s as weak and Broken as the entire .gov ‘system’ today.
If you have to Lie about anything there are no facts. That’s FABRICATION.
And if the ‘reporting’ of those Lies is done by a group or groups of bought ‘Media’ then
it’s no longer reporting it’s Propaganda. Herr Goebbels of the 1930’s-40’s was a mental
gymnast @ bending all his ‘facts’. He is famous for saying "If you tell a LIE often enough
it’s becomes Truth’. Ergo today we have a Elite Bought .gov, supported by a Corrupt Media
that 24/7 support each other in Brain Washing the people and enriching themselves washing their
hands in the Blood of WE THE PEOPLE. They don’t care. Everytown—is Michael Bloomberg (Billionaire)
All these other groups are (George Soros, Bill Gates, and a Cabal of uber riche who believe in the
idea of depopulation and New World Order. Fun guy’s!. A Blast @ parties! You know who they are, the same people who feel there are too many people on the planet to sustain THEM. Who own 97% of the Wealth, Who feel Gun Disarmament is the answer to World Peace (which it is if you had a stroke and believe in the enslavement of the Worlds people for your entertainment and getting the last 3% of the remaining wealth is the kind of thing that gets you outta bed in the morning).
But the sad fact is a large percentage of the population BELIEVE the Media still. Are HOOKED to the News in all it’s forms today and swear ‘They would never LIE to us they are just reporting the truth!’
That’s my little Gunner’s is why the Media/News call it ‘PROGRAMMING!’
So, if you say there were (648+) Mass shootings in 2020 and the majority were from ‘Scary Black Guns’ w/ those obscene (300 round magazines that can blow yer lungs out !) or are ‘Weapons of War’ it’s really difficult to convince the Shepple they are being conned. If you make every Gun owner, Firearms maker, FFL, Gun Range and Our Hobby’s supporters out to be EVIL and should not be in existence then you are probably fighting a losing battle to convince these Sheep otherwise. What’s the old adage? ‘You shouldn’t try to teach a Pig to sing---- You waste your time and you annoy the Pig?’
Biden (When he had a brain) was never a charismatic leader. But he’s an EXCELLET Puppet.
In the days of old he could read a script and convince you it’s lighter during the day than at night. Today he can barely walk and talk at the same time. But the people still believe he is what? Vigorous and ‘Go all day’. (TRUTH! That’s why he wears Depends!) the Media supports these Lies because they are PAID to.


Last time I looked the FBI didn’t classify any shootings as mass shootings. That was a couple of years ago and I would be surprised if it had changed. Yet the writer says the FBI classified 50 shootings in 2020 as mass shootings. Did I look in the wrong place. Could someone direct me to the right place. I looked on the FBI website.

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@Dave17 @Nathan57 @Craig_AR Any info for @Doug101 . :arrow_up:. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Definition of mass shooting per FBI

For statistics generation


“ For the purposes of tracking crime data, the FBI defines a “mass shooting” as any incident in which at least four people are murdered with a gun”


Oh yea, I remember now. No true definition, different terms and many exclusions. It was a rabbit hole then and it still is.


This one , used for the stats, is clearly defined

“For the purposes of tracking crime data, the FBI defines a “mass shooting” as any incident in which at least four people are murdered with a gun”

The other one is also clearly defined. As clear as possible.

Active shooter is difficult from mass shooting although one may become the other and they could at times overlap

I don’t think there is any fault in the definitions

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