Equalizer Ammo

OK, love my S&W Equalizer. Wondering how many have used this gun and if they have a special ammo they use and like for CCW and range shooting? Currently have Sig hollow points and range ammo of the day brand.


I’ve never heard of it. Maybe some pics and info?


I have an interest in the equalizer as well as a couple others.

Please keep us updated on your personal experiences with this weapon.


@Tom206 I have switched all of my defensive ammo over to Underwood Ammo | High Performance Hunting & Self-Defense Ammo (bing.com)

Lehigh Defense makes the bullets for Underwood.
You can check out them here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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32 ACP 55gr. Xtreme Defender Solid Monolithic Hunting & Self Defense Ammo


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I carry these for Black Bear. :teddy_bear:

45 ACP +P 255gr. Flat Nose Black Cherry Coated Hard Cast Hunting Ammo


7.62x39mm 123gr. Controlled Chaos® Solid Monolithic Hunting Ammo

7.62x39mm 123gr. Controlled Chaos® Solid Monolithic Hunting Ammo


I bought 20 box’s of these when they were $20.00 a box. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sticking with Federal HST across the board so far.


The Equalizer is a recent addition to the S&W catalog. It is a double-stack version of the single-stack M&P Shield 9EZ, so higher capacity than the 8+1 of the EZ. It looks like a striker-fired semi-auto, but is actually hammer fired, with the hammer shrouded (hidden) by the slide. This design makes it much easier (the reason for the name EZ) to rack the slide than most striker-fired semis. Also, note the back of the grip in the photo - it has a grip safety similar to the 1911, although the safety is hinged at the bottom instead of at the top.
The Equalizer is available with or without a thumb safety. I believe the grip safety is in the design so it can be carried “cocked and locked” like a 1911, ready to fire on draw, without needing to rack the slide to load the chamber. The optional thumb safety gives you the same manual of arms as a 1911. It has no de-cocker as you would find on a DA/SA like the Beretta 92/M9.
My brother has a 9EZ and really likes it. We have learned, as have some instructors, that you must develop a consistently solid grip to ensure the grip safety is always engaged fully in order to fire it. Another tidbit - you can get a 15 round magazine for the Equalizer, giving you 15+1=16 round carry capacity.

As to the OP question on ammo choice, I think the decision for both carry and training/practice would be the same you would use for any other 9mm pistol. What can you shoot accurately & consistently, and what gives you the penetration and expansion you want (carry only).


Nothing special about the ammo.
This handgun is not a picky one and you should be fine with anything you have been shooting so far.

Of course you must test defense ammo before carrying it - there is always possibility your particular firearm doesn’t shoot certain ammo…


Federal HST (any of them)
Speer Gold Dot (124+P)

Or pick any JHP from a major manufacturer.

Most important as stated above is to make sure that the gun, magazine, ammo combination are reliable and hit where you aim in your hands


It’s a 9mm related to the M&P EZ. Hammer fired. Easier slide. Ready for all kinds of optics, lights. Lower barrel so tends to kick back rather than up. Being disabled it is a really great piece. Hope that all helps. Here’s the link https://www.smith-wesson.com/product/s-w-equalizer-ts


Not familiar with them… will have to take a look.

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IDK. Not necessarily for EDC ammunition. But I wonder if any of you have thoughts on a brand named Buffalo Bore?

I need to read up and view vids on their performance. The highest caliber I own is 9mm. They sound very interesting in what they offer, for outdoorsmen sport activities prep per se (if thinking of “side arm” choice) .

Once when I was planning for a long trip in further woodland areas, along with bear spray, I thought I may want to carry my 9mm.

I read that others prefer larger caliber or 10mm. I have not decided to purchase a larger caliber, I think because it would not fill my needs, and I’d rarely use it — I feel.

So, I looked into some of the Buffalo Bore Co ammunition, particularly the 9mm and noticed they have some which reads as unique, and has stronger performance than average 9mm, than many of us carry as EDC/CCW.

Any thoughts on that brand?

Not familiar with it, but I’ll do some looking too.

I think the brand is fine but for “duty caliber” self defense, I really don’t think you can beat the big performers of HST, Gold Dot, sometimes other rounds developed with deep pockets and produced in massive quantities with years of proven results.

I do like companies like Underwood or Buffalo Bore for really hot revolver rounds in stout guns, when I was in Alaska for example I carried a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in .44mag with Buffao Bore “+P+” 240gr hard cast flat nose lead


In the woods where large critters live, I would go with a short barrel carbine chambered in .308. Just sayin’

Hard to carry a carbine around in your hands or ready to use one handed 100% of the time. Actually impossible with what I was doing.

I’d probably take a short lever .45-70 or a 12 gauge with Brenneke I think myself for that

And back any long guns up with the same .44 or better in a revolver

And carried bear spray