Emergency/Maintenance Hunting Kit


What do you have in your hunting emergency/maintenance kit to make sure you’re set for all the possible issues while you’re hunting?


I actually wear my range pack so that has most of my essentials (tourniquet, IFAK), hand warmers, extra gloves, extra eyes/ears…pen/paper…couple granola bars.

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Food,fire water, light, signaling, shelter and first aid. Hunting supplies, deer drags and knives. Extra ammo for rifle and pistol. The same if I am bow hunting. And coffee. Most of the time I hunt alone.
All in a medium butt pack with shoulder straps and waist belt. And coffee, Did I mention coffee.

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Add walkie-talkies to the lists below.

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When I’m just bopping around close tho the cabin not much other than what I carry every day, phone, knife, EDC pistol (or mebby my Blackhawk) pockets full of left over Halloween candy.

When I go for a walk about:

Blackhawk 3 day assault pack
GI Nylon body bag: Greatest deer drag item on the planet
GI Poncho liner and poncho with about 8 elastic boot blousing bands: Outstanding for keeping warm when sitting still and makes a nice quick ground blind, poncho works well as a roof.
Skinny Gortex: Not sure of the real name but its a Gortex rain suit that folds up into next to nothing (Not durable but will keep you warm and dry in a pinch)
Diamond Sharpening stone
Bone saw: For bones
Skinning/gutting knife: For skinning and gutting
Leftover Halloween Candy
Toilet Paper
25’ of 1/4" braided rope and generally a hank of 550 cord: Blinds or drag material, handy boot lace replacement.
Mini Bino’s & or a Laser Range Finder
A book
Note pad and pencil
Otis Sniper cable cleaning kit: Everything I shoot is 30 cal and the pull cable is extra long (just in case you muzzle punch the ground)
Blow out kit = IFAK
Poly fill butt pillow: A cold wet a$$ sucks
24" x 48" Blaze orange flag: Getting shot hurts
Couple bottles of cold coffee.
Flash Light & extra batteries: Mine is actually a flash light and an area light combo.

All in all it weighs about 10lbs minus coffee/water and you can toss in a sammich or two for fun. When I get down in the bottoms while hunting it is more about being in the woods and watching the world go by rather than “hunting”.

I have had many fitful snoozes under the limbs of a holly tree or leaned into the crook of an old oak. I watched more deer walk by than I have taken, slapped a turkey in the back of the head and am still amazed at how stupid squirrels are. I’ve read a few books, and tried my hand at sketching what I see, wrote some letters that needed to be written, visited with some friends that are no longer with us. Took time out of my worldly pursuits to enjoy EVERYTHING around me and nothing “Important”. I’ve even gone so far as to reason myself out of shooting a deer because I didn’t want to screw up a perfect weekend. So I guess the biggest thing I carry while hunting is MENTAL FLOSS.




Basic First aid gear
Protein bars
Beef jerky
Zip ties(for the deer tag)
Bone saw.
Everything else, is on my person(knife, extra slugs, extra .357 ammo, gloves)

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