Dutch Oven season

Memorial Day is for most of us the start of camping season, and camping means camp fires, which means coals which means Dutch Oven cooking!

Let’s hear some recipes!

Camp Nachos
In a skillet, or the oven lid:
Sautee meat (chicken or ground beef) chilis, onions and seasoning
Shred the chicken if that’s what you have.
In the Dutch oven:
1st layer
Tortilla chips,
2nd layer:
Canned refried beans, meat, chilis, onions, enchilada sauce, black beans, whatever you feel like
3rd layer:
Cheese, cilantro,
4th layer:
Avocado, green onions
Keep layering until you runout of stuff, cover and place coals under and over the oven.
Drink an ice cold beer or two s-l-o-w-l-y
And you’re ready for Happy Hour


Funny reading this.Wife just made an awesome chili, I added some of my hydroponically grown peppers (well, a couple pieces :fire:) and we had tortilla chips to boot. Camping in the yard, saving gas while creating gas :rofl:
I got firewood :muscle:


I had a coworker who could make a really good peach cobbler in a Dutch oven buried under hot coals in an open fire.


Pork Butt and Sauerkraut.

1 Whole Pork Butt.
2- 16oz. cans of Franks Sauerkraut.
1- Large Onion.
Whole Pepper Corns ground coarse to taste.

Bone out Pork Butt and trim off excess fat, cut in half, sear on grill on all sides. Searing keeps the fluids from the meat from forming a scum and adds a better flavor.

Pour one can Kraut in the bottom of the Dutch Oven with half the onion sliced, add cracked Black Pepper.
Add Pork Butts and pour other can of Kraut and the rest of the onion and cover with Black Pepper, you can add other spices to taste.
Place Dutch Oven on a deep bed of coals, place lid on and cover with coals.
After 2 hours open lid and turn Pork Butts and stir, adding Sauerkraut and juices from the bottom to the top.
Cook for another 2 hours or until meat falls apart.