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I can’t count how many times I have taken the time to write out a thoughtful response to something that truly bothered me or that struck a chord with me … and then just quickly deleted it. I would tell myself, “No, it’s not worth getting involved. Leave it alone. Just move on!” And to be honest, I believe a lot of us would be better off if we treated the majority of unsettling memes, comments, emails and social media posts with this “just move on” philosophy. However, once in a while, I believe something just needs to be said. And that’s why, in a most unusual fashion, I am responding to a marketing tactic that just doesn’t sit right with me. At all.

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Thanks for sharing.

I don’t know anyone in our family, friends or church who has domestic issues or violent domestic issues. But, from reading your info and links in this post, along with knowing/learning a bit more about this subject, it is a very sad to watch and hellish experience to live through.

I know it can be after the fact for many ladies who are already in this nightmare, but for those who are not, and wondering deep down inside if the guy they are thinking of spending now 'till dead with is the one, take a page from what Dr. Laura always says, “Choose Wisely”.

You know someone. They just have not told you. They do not want to be treated differently or like they are weak.


Maybe, we don’t have a lot of folks we know and who we know we have known for decades.

Back in the 90’s we had a store manager who she always had a black eye or bruise. We were pretty sure she was with (not married to) a scumbag. We felt so sorry for her but we were young and didn’t know what, if anything to do about it back then.


My Sister was being abused by her first Husband - she was silent for years - that hurt

It changed when I found out / and gave him the same treatment - this was 40 years ago -

What hurt me the most was I was blind to it



That is understandable. You thought your sister was being protected by her husband (basically how you probably protected her before she got married) being a spouse means you take care of and protect each other! So, if one is abusive and or controlling it messes it all up.

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Brava, @Beth – for bringing up this important issue.

@Proverbs31.10-31 – I love your handle, especially in the context of Beth’s post:
"Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:
“Many women do noble things,
but you surpass them all.”

Ain’t that the truth!


I wouldn’t say you were blind to it, I think your sister probably hid it very well. People in abusive relationships can hide things very well - even from themselves. A lot of women I know who have gotten out of abusive relationships didn’t believe it was abusive until they were out - they were the ones being mentally and emotionally abused. Physical abuse is a bit harder to deny to yourself and others, but it still happens.


So, true!

I am sorry but it’s a joke. Yes, very provocative but I have your attention now.
I am a male who have been a victim of domestic violence. My son has been a victim of domestic violence. Did I fight back? No because knowing current judges, I knew I would be the bad guy.
You know what happened? The judge literally laughed in my face, the abuser went away wity no consequence at all. My son continued to he tortured until finally child protective services decided to show up and witness the abuse to do something.
Women are responsible for 70% of infanticides. Let me insist 70% OF INFANTICIDES.
This constant attack on fathers is unacceptable, and men have to stop thinking they’re knights and believe any single ludicrous claim coming from a woman without proof. I had an army of 20 men harassing me because she claimes I was the abuser (in spite of police reports and neighbors saying otherwise).
Do you know how many shelters for men victims of domectic violence are opened in the US? ZERO! Single fathers can die in the streets with their children.
We have to stop feeling sorry for manipulators who know fully well how easy it is to appeal to men’s envy to be a savior to a woman in peril, and stop feeling sorry for an over privileged group.
Especially in a pro gun group we should be sensitive and cautious with the reverse narrative, and how people claiming to be victims are often worse that the people they claim are bad.

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Abuse is abuse regardless of gender.