Does this exist?


On my AR, I have a Fiber-Optic/Tritium reflex sight, and I’m starting to become interested in the same thing for a pistol, but I’m not finding any. Do they make these for pistols? If I have to turn it on before I use it, I’m just going to stick with my iron sights.

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I am going to do some research and I will get back to you

I am assuming you have a Trijicon Sight on your AR, or at least one that is similar to that.

For pistols, Trijicon is the only maker that I know of that makes one, and even that is dual illuminated (uses a battery).

As for the battery in the red dots, I have heard that they last darn near a year if on all the time. So, people I know just leave it on and change the battery at a set interval. Not sure about all that second hand, and now third hand information. I don’t use one, yet.

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6 best pistol reflex sights/red dots

Check out this sight

Can you clarify? Like what make/model is on your AR.

When you say a reflex sight I think of something like a Trijicon RMR or Leopold Deltapoint Pro. Fiber-optic makes me think of an ACOG. And Tritium is usually for iron sights… I’m not aware of anything that has all 3…

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