Dash cam footage of shooting - show it to responding officers or wait for your attorney?

Should you play it safe and NOT offer to show it to them, even if you feel your case is cut and dry? Can police view it and use it as evidence without your permission?


Always wait for your Attorney before you talk to the Police. :zipper_mouth_face:
Second question-yes…


Keep flow of information at a minimum, just as written on the back of the USCCA card.


ALWAYS wait for your attorney. In general, nothing you say to the police can help you; it can only hurt you.


I’m not a lawyer but, I’m sure that it can be used as evidence whether you give permission or not.

If I’m in a good enough spot to be worried about my dash camera(s)’ footage, my main concern will be that the footage survives and is recovered to be used in any proceedings that may result.

I wouldn’t want, like, nobody to think about it, and a friend or family to end up driving the vehicle away/home at some point, and the car being on so long it overwrites the footage before someone realizes to get it.

Or LE gets it and then somehow someway not all of it is available or seen later, or defense doesn’t get it in time to review, or whatever weirdness.

I doubt I will show anybody anything.

I can’t say if I would point out that it exists, to whom, or when/how


Better make sure that your attorney is the first to see and make a copy of that footage available to the police.


The police aren’t your friends, do not give them anything voluntarily. If you have time, upload video to a cloud service and remove the memory card if you can and conceal it. Depending on the city involved, your dashcam may be removed or rendered usless, denying you exculpitory evidence. Don’t mention it to the police, let your lawyer do it.
The cops are there to aid the prosecution.


Lawyer up first!!! Period!!!


That’s another concern I didn’t mention, but if the cops aren’t on your side, what’s to stop them from seizing the camera plainly visible on your windshield, or even just the SD card and using it against you or simply claiming it never existed to begin with? I guess you’d better have the presence of mind and enough time to remove the card and stash it in a preplanned location.


IMO, if the footage is used against you, the problem lies with what you are doing/did.

Remove the card and stash it in a pre planned location? So stop recording before the police get there? I’d rather have the recording keep going.

What kind of a pre planned location are you thinking?


My Belief System is:
**NO Dash Cam
** NO Alexa
**Cover Laptop Cam w/ Blocker.
**NO Ring Door Bell
**NO TALKY TALKY to the Man!
Shoot, Make sure Threat is Neutralized.
Head on a swivel for bad guy’s little butt-buddies.
Check for Holes and Leakage, Apply IFAX if necessary
SURVIVE, CALL 911, Say what’s on the back of card and STFU!
Call Lawyer (Speed Dial) Call USCCA report Incident
Get the ball rolling in your DEFENSE!

Oh, and did I say SHUT THE F**K UP?



My belief system is: I trust myself and my decision making and actions more than I trust my attacker(s) or the media, so I want video documentation of what happens in the public sphere wherever possible


If they reach into my car and grab a camera my lawyer will have a field day with them. He’ll eat them alive…

The only things you have to say and do are clearly printed in the back of your USCCA card. USE it!!!

A lot of money and experience was spent to make sure it’s a perfect set of instructions to benefit the member and give you the BEST chance of a good outcome.

Second guessing the script or deviating from it is legal suicide. Don’t know how else to phrase this so it sinks in for everyone. Wife and I have it memorized and we practice running through it.


I agree with you. Seems like a whole lot of pre planning to me. Keep everything simple.

Removing a camera, card etc could easily be construed as tampering with evidence and if a case is actually brought against you it will absolutely be used against you even if it’s to raise doubt with a jury.

Again, just follow the script in the back of the card and let the lawyer decide what happens after he gets there.


What’s Murphys law say? :us: If it can happen , It will happen and at the worst possible time!