Concealed carry at work - court cases

Trying to convince my employer to change the employee handbook to allow concealed carry. I have heard rumors of legal cases where something happened to an employee at work and the employer was sued because the employee was not allowed to defend their self with a firearm. Does any have links to any court cases? My angle is to try to show the employer that they are taking ALL responsibility of protection when they do not allow licensed CC.


You’re lucky. I’m 46% sure my place would fire me just for bringing it up.

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ya, it is a small-ish office and they listen to their people. They are just falling on the side of caution to say no weapons. They just have not thought it through.

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What state do you live in, @RedBeard? I’ll see what I can find, usually it’s helpful if it’s in the same state.

Does your company have an HR person? Sometimes smaller companies hire a company to handle that. If it’s an outside firm, they may have some supporting/detracting influence there as well.

Glad to have you here!

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Thank you! I am in Texas, but if there is precedent anywhere, it could help them decide.
We do not use an outside HR company, things like this are decided by executive team (owners).

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Here are some interesting articles regarding concealed carry at work that may play into their decision (I’m not saying any of this information is 100% accurate, but it may give you some better ideas about how to state your position to the company):

In TN you are allowed to sue the company/person who posts the gun-free zone:

This bill creates a cause of action whereby any permit holder who is harmed while on posted premises or traversing any area to and from the premises and the location where the permit holder’s firearm is stored may bring suit against the person who posted the property.

There are other states considering such legislation as well.

Anyone else know of some case law?


awesome thanks

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Wow! Good question. The article posted by Dawn shed some light on the situation. I wholeheartedly support C/C and I carry everywhere I legally can. That being said, I also support employers who must protect their financial assets by following current law. If I work for you and you say no guns I have a choice; follow your rules or work elsewhere.

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I fully agree that the employer has the right to set the rules and this particular rule is usually tied to a workers compensation insurance discount. However there is a third choice, to attempt to convince the employer that a licensed carrier can be a protective benefit, not a liability. One way to do that is to point out that they may be assuming protection responsibly when they remove the ability to defend one’s self. That is my attempt.

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We’re encouraged to carry at work- and have multiple opportunities a year for additional training and range time. That additional training isn’t a prerequisite to carry at work either.

I know we’re a unique situation, but someone would have to be a little off balance to try shooting in our headquarters.


I have rarely seen a more friendly and happy work environment than the USCCA headquarters. Thanks again for the tour you gave my son and I.


I agree fully with your 3rd option. Thanks RedBeard.

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What’s going to have to change is state laws that allow employers to be sued if they allow carry and someone does then acts unlawfully.

These laws allow for insurance carriers to essentially blackmail the owners into disallowing it.

We also need to change the laws making any entity public or private that restricts lawful carry liable for damages if a shooting takes place on the premises.

The Insurance companies would then immediately reverse their position.

Unfortunately the insurance industry is a very powerful lobby.

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