Carrying Concealed in Banks

I had the wonderful experience, for the first time in my life (and I’m old) to be be lawfully carrying a concealed pistol into my bank, while wearing a mask!


My bank notarized my first CCL application. Have not carried wearing a mask yet. Of course almost all banks here are drive thru or appointment only until the crazy is over.

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I believe in California, it is illegal to carry while wearing ANY sorry of face concealments… Uh oh, that’s gonna make it harder to stay legal around here.


(a) A person commits criminal possession of a firearm when the person carries a firearm in a public place or on any public street while masked so as to hide the person’s identity.

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Oops. Which takes precedence? (I believe the wearing of the mask was to avoid contamination–not to hide any identity)


Check out this thread regarding carrying concealed while wearing a mask.

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