Canik red dot

Need some help. I bought the Canik TP9 elite combat and I’m installing the red dot that came with it. I have the red dot installed but the radical is nowhere near the front iron site. I’ve unlocked the adjustment locks and can’t get the radical even close to the front site.

Anybody else have this problem and how did you fix it?

Thanks for any and all help, advice.

Is the dot too high? That’s my guess. Is the dot supposed to co-witness? My thought is they may be independent of each other.
I watched a tfb torture test vid of the little Mossberg pistol, and they were pleasantly surprised that the dot co-witnessed, and explained it by the deep cut on the slide.
Just found this review, and they mention 4 plates for mounting various optics. Perhaps the wrong plate is installed and dot is not seated right?


Mine doesn’t co-witness with red dot zeroed. Not even close

I watched a number of how to install videos before attaching mine. They all said to use the 01 plate which I did and it came with the Mete. My understanding is that it is supposed to co-witness with the front site. Did some more research and it seems Vortex has a known problem with a small percentage of these Viper red dots. I was lucky enough to get one. The red dot is off so bad it’s obvious that if I were to take a shot it would hit the dirt low left 5 or 6 feet in front of the target. Not safe in the least. The radical has a line through it and appears as if I’m looking through broken glass which isn’t the case with the lens. The radical is also oblong and fuzzy.

Have contacted Vortex and waiting on the reply.

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For some of the Red Dots that the plates match the mounting studs are to tall. They have to be filed down. You can find directions on youtube.

Yes, I have and it didn’t make a difference

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Is the reticle off left to right or up and down? I also just bought Mete SFX. I haven’t decided on the red dot yet,but, I am leaning towards a Holosun. Now I have something else to think about.

Its in the high far right. I had to turn it up to the brightest level to find it.

You may have gotten different sights than I did but mine are not cowitness. Are the plate mounting screw heads sticking up above flush. Just asking.

I had to use the longer screws since one of the shorter screws wouldn’t bite the threads. I was worried about taking too much off the standing plastic pegs making it completely unusable.

I also tried switching the side I used the shorter screw on, same results. It wouldn’t grab the threads. And the “reticle” remained in the top right corner.

Ok, that means that the problem is plate to sight, not slide to plate. Try filing the front left stud a touch more.

Thanks for your help. Might be a stupid question but since the site is screwed down, does it matter if I sand all the pegs down only leaving small nubs?