Burned and bummed out.

My dermatologist burned some nasties off my right hand awhile back, mainly off a knuckle and the thumb side of the web.
It took a long time to heal as it was hard to keep the area immobilized.
Anyway, this morning I made it out to the range with my Centennial and ouch.
It was not fun.
Maybe half a dozen hits on steel reactive targets out of 25 rounds—not good at all—and I know the pain didn’t help.
The Centennial is actually a bit of a pussycat to shoot with rubber Pachmayrs and std. vel. ammo, but this morning with the soreness from the scarring, not so much.

Has anyone here experience this?
Any advice or suggestions?


Kudos for getting out to the range. I can’t give you any medical advice. Be strong and brave. It will come back to you.

I haven’t had your exact issue but have suffered finger injuries and loss of muscle issues that made it painful and hard to shoot accurately.

It took me a lot of dryfire practice to get my hand back in shape for handling the live fire.

Baoding balls and other hand exercising devices can help also.


I had work done on my left hand. Took a month or so to recover. Another procedure on the same hand took 3 to 4 months to recover. I was lucky it was my left hand (not my dominant hand) for shooting and golfing. For you, the right hand is more important and may take more time for recovery. Good luck

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I rely on indomethacin and prednisone 'scripts to control swelling in my hands and knuckles. Usually works, but the mobility in some RA/gout attacked fingers is slow coming back. Getting old ain’t for sissies.


Providing your wounds are not open start rubbing vitamin E oil on it it keeps scar tissue soft and makes it more pliable it also reduces scaring.




May I humbly suggest you take this time as an opportunity and use it to master the use of your ccw with your non dominate hand? You’ll still get to shoot, it will be a challenge and, most importantly,it will allow you to gain a new skill set that someday might prove very beneficial. You’ve been given lemons-make lemonade. I’ve done this after having nerve damage on my strong side hand. It’s workedout well.


UPDATE I healed and went back to the dermatologist for a check up. She didn’t like the scar on my knuckle so I got that cut off again, only more of it this time, so now I’m back to square “1” :unamused: