Bump in the night


A lot of good advice, but also sometimes the intruder is not cooperative. Please remember not to be focused on talking to the one you see , baddies are cowards and usually travel with buddies.


I’m guessing waterboarding and pulling out his finger nails are not the best ways to control.
I sorta understand the calm technique, however, I’m extremely boisterous and if I catch someone in my home, the neighbors will hear me.
He was not dealing with a truly methed out dude, intent on harming!
That seemed more like a day time ritual. Where the thief is just there for money or jewelry, at night, they all have a different agenda.
That changes my rules of engagement!

I would be reluctant to leave my family members alone, even behind a locked door, while going to search for an unknown number of assailants. And as @Gary445 mentions while he was trying to verbally control the one home invader he would have to worry if there were other invaders and where and what they were up to.

He does mention covering his family in place as a good option but the video does not show that option which I think in most cases is the best one when you are sure someone or possibly several someone’s have entered your home. I’d rather have them come to my prepared area than risk exposing myself and my family to them.

If you do end up confronting the intruders I think the calm voice (as long as it has a confident and demanding undertone) would work in some cases. But some criminals might mistake the calm for weakness so you might need to quickly shift to strong aggressive commands if the calm ones aren’t having the desired effect.

Disclaimer: I have not watched that video yet

But, my top recommendation every trie “bump in the night” comes up, is this:

You should have an alarm, set religiously/automatically, such that a break in is met with the alarm going off and not just hearing a bump

A pet peeve of mine is people who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on guns and ammo, and then have to worry about what that bump in the night was, because they don’t lock their doors/windows or don’t have an alarm on all their doors/windows (or glass break/motion as appilcable) to go off should someone break in.

Waking up to someone maybe maybe not having broken in is definitely a nightmare scenario to me. THat’s the thing I worry about most, someone in the home and I don’t even know it. I’d rather not have a gun and know they are there, than have a gun and not know they are there

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Let’s not be hasty. Don’t rule anything out just yet. :wink:

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I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. The better-half and I sleep upstairs and my mom is downstairs in her add on apt. That means at some point I’m going to have to check on mom. I can’t get my wife to be or get more interested in shooting which might be a good thing. She’s a girly girl interested in those activities. Mom does keep a derringer close to her that is some comfort and mom will put holes in ppl too.



Alarm set religiously that goes off if someone breaks in

Code word or phrase to use to identify selves as selves and not an intruder. Something simple, could even just be knowing to say “hey it’s me” and voice recognition.

Have cell phones by each person while sleeping, if there is a “bump in the night” and you’re not sure, call each other or call out and listen for response.


In my formative years dad was stationed in Germany. I spoke German better than English until we came back to the USA. At 62 years young, I still call mom mutti, german for mom. I guess that will be our code word to know who is about the house.


Ever watch a good war movie? When entering a compound, you have to have a password. I come home and the wife says hello and I respond, Thunder. She knows it is me and all is well. If I breakout in conversation she will lock and load and be at the ready to assist me. If someone else comes in she will know already too because we have our cameras set up at the ready too.

Have a plan and practice this plan. If you want to check the safety and security of your home have your teenage kids find ways to get into your house un-noticed.


That would be big fun for them. Dad’s has a security plan and we broke it! I can hear them now!


and if they can get in so can the teens breaking into your home.

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