Bullpup VS AR15

Let the Fun start now!!! I want to see others opinion.

I decided to switch to BullPups instead of the AR15 platform. The Cons are you can not find as many parts for a Bullpup as you can find for an AR. The BullPup, i feel, is more versatile as a home CQB. Compare an AR with a 16.5-inch barrel to IWI x95 with same barrel length. The AR overall length is longer than my Tavor x95. My Tavor is SBR without me having to pay the tax stamp. I also converted my CZ Scorpion EVO to a bullpup- using the CZ BullPup Kit.

BullPup, in my opinion, is an excellent tool for home Defense/CQB-

BullPup Nation Raise Your Hand!

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Completely different unit. Cybertruck or 1970 Corolla?

Pinned 14.5" rifle for me. Or stamped 11.5.

Proven, reliable, easy to work on, parts galore, plenty short

Short-barreled rifle (SBR) is a legal designation in the United States, referring to a shoulder-fired, rifled firearm, made from a rifle, with a barrel length of less than 16 in (41 cm) or overall length of less than 26 in (66 cm) , or a handgun fitted with a buttstock and a barrel of less than 16 inches length.

Major militaries use bullpups, they are legit. But… I dont want to retrain, reloads, shouldering, etc.

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Yes, that is correct.

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OK, I’ll expose my ignorance here, I got totally lost in all of the abbreviations, no idea what most of those mean.

IWI x95
CZ Scorpion EVO

google –
Close-quarters combat (CQB) or CQC

IWI x95- Tavor® X95™ | IWI US, Inc.

CZ Scorpion EVO- CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine - CZ-USA

Short-barreled rifle (SBR)


Thank you very much, it makes much more sense now.

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Complete BS terminology designed to criminalize legal carry of firearms. I do not recall the 2A right to bear arms delineating SBRs as not being covered. Neither did it disallow cannons or other such arms. Our Founding Fathers proffered letters of marque to privateers, even those did not state what arms they were “allowed” to provision for their ships.


Absolutely. Same as machine guns and silencers. Further, the “SBR” differentiation came about as a “compromise” from control advocates who wanted to put handguns on the NFA.


Ms. Google is your friend. They are makes/models.


Or pistol! (I wish I got the carbine!)

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I tend to loose interest after the 1st date with Ms. G.

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You can always go the AR Pistol route as well by using a shorter barrel and a pistol brace rather than a stock. Many companies have this straight from the manufacture. Or you can also purchase a complete AR pistol lower, then you can purchase a complete upper in the barrel length of your choosing. One reminder, as stupid as it may be, you can’t take an existing lower that has already been classified as a “rifle” and get a shorter barrel and then just switch the stock to a brace to make it a “pistol”. Long story short, once it’s a “rifle” it can’t be a “pistol” without some more in depth steps. You could however go the tax stamp route and make it an SBR with the required paperwork, wait time, and $200 of course. Personally, in my opinion, the pistol brace option is the way to go.


Or buy a BullPup😎

lol also true! I just happen to love AR’s, however I am always open to any reason for a new firearm purchase! :joy:


I don’t know where I stand on SBR vs braced pistol if choosing just one. Both present their own legal pros and cons, some of which vary by state/jurisdiction.

My answer is to have one of each.

SBR Pros:
More certain short/medium term future vs braces
LEO like official paperwork and an NFA stamp + 5320.20 might shorten/simplify an interaction vs a brace
Can use whatever real stock you want for better cheek weld/stability and not worry
Can have vertical fore-grip if that’s your jam

Braced pistol pros:
No $200 stamp
Don’t need a 5320.20 to travel interstate
No waiting for the $200 stamp
Legal in some areas where an SBR is not and thus pistol is the only lawful option
Based on jurisdiction, may be lawful to carry where an SBR is not
Much easier to sell/trade/transfer


You can always buy a Bullip lol :laughing:. I own 2 Bullpup 5.56, and my Scorpion Carbine 16.5inch barrel 9mm is converted to a bullpup!

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Bullpups give you a very compact package. Not just for CQB, but even just moving out and about in woods (hunting), etc. Some bullpups are a little heavier (like IWI Tavor/x95, DesertTech MDR), but the weight is more rearwards, so is usually not an issue. Many of them eject rounds down so are easier for shooting as either a righty or lefty.

Having a “full length” barrel in the same size as an AR pistol or SBR also means you get better velocity in the bullpup. For most 5.56 ammo, velocity makes a huge difference in performance on target.

Bullpups do have a few downsides though. Most of the triggers are pretty mediocre (due to the long “arm” required from the trigger to where the chamber is), accuracy is not the greatest, and they are usually a bit more expensive. The customization options are not as vast as they are for AR platform.

I have a PS90 on my “someday” wishlist.

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