BOHICA, Everybody! - No Invitation to a Dance

SOS-JDD - How many times does this country have to be bought and paid for? Biden & Harris make me lose my will to live - certainly there’re far more decent people that could hold any political offices - the trouble is that they don’t want the skeletons in their closets rattled. Kurt17

Well no glory in quitting, none in giving up, not going to just fade away. So carry on such as it is. As for politicians & decency. C’mon man.


Come On Man. As long as Prez. Trump is fighting I will keep the faith. HOORAH. :us:


We are survivors. We are strong. We will live through diversity. We have made it through thick and thin through the years and we will continue to be a great country as long as we stay strong. Just because we have not been invited does not mean we are not at the dance, we are dancing to a different song than the rest.

I wish I shared your optimism. I just see the glutton, get more gluttonous. The greedy get more greedy, those who want power, taking the power by blaming all of society’s ills on the generations before.

In my entire life I never thought to see or hear the words gun confiscation in our country. Yet Georgia holds the keys to that. What do you do? I donated more $$ this election cycle than ever. I drove people to the polls.

With a stroke of a pen some wonk at the ATF is going to turn me into a felon over pistol braces.

I never said it was going to be easy, but fighting like you have been is the key to surviving. Who knew that a screw on a gun would be the difference between legal and illegal. Isn’t that the jest of it? Let’s make gun parts illegal since we can not make guns illegal.