Awoken by Security Alarm @ 5:36 A.M., : Back Door Tamperd

It was nearly time for my morning alarm to sound but instead, my security alarm wailed threw out mobile home.

Immediately, I went for my Glock 17 on my beside table, but grabbed the AR-15 just in case there was more than one intruders.

Following, Comcast called, doing their job. I did not have hands to answer. I waited in my spot until police arrived.

Did I make proper calls? What would you have done differently if any? Share below.

FYI: Response time 16:00. minutes someodd seconds


Good response, would add 1 point sling to free up a hand for phone. Can still reacquire rifle in 1/2 a second.

My primary HD rifle/shotgun both have a one point sling for that exact reason. So I can free a hand up if necessary.


Good advise bro!


Wow… sounds like live scenario learned on USCCA DSF1 classes… :astonished:

Nothing wrong with your procedure. Just remember - have both hands always available for your firearm used at the moment.
And I see you didn’t make the mistake most people are doing looking for the intruder(s).

I like this:



Agree with @Zavier_D on the sling, personally I prefer a 2 point for longer guns. Helps keep the gun out of your lap.


Pajamas, bathrobe, skivies? No skivies? OK, I was imagining this scenario as I sleep in the buff, not having time to become “robe boy!”, then have to find my glasses, ball cap, etc. Time wasted.

I applaud your approach!!! Applaud your security alarm!!!


Great points master of dry fire!!!


When you grabbed your night stand gun you could’ve put it in your pocket or if no pockets pinched underneath your armpit to still leave you a free hand after you have hidden to use
your cell phone. Staying in your spot was good because he didn’t know where you were so if anything he would walk into you. You had the element of surprise. I would’ve also grabbed my pistol and hid and if I was able to make the call I would’ve done that after I found a good safe hiding spot until police arrived. During this time my rifle or pistol would’ve been ready to deploy if necessary.


I’ll share video of purps after police do their initial investigations. I forgot to say, it was more than one. But the 2nd asslaet is seen only joging with them as the Alarm sounded.

Lastly, I’m not trying to sound like woe is me, and what not, friends. But man, I’ve just been threw so much and it’s like every couple of months evil comes for me. HOWEVER, I KNOW THIS HOLDS TRUE TO US ALL IN ONE WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. Thanks for being here guys.

Being trained with you guys did make the difference today!


One additional recommendation, maybe I missed it above, but be sure to dial 911 the moment you are in a safe spot.
LE will arrive quicker and in bigger mass if you tell them there is an active intruder still in your home, but most importantly, tell them that you are armed, where in the house you are, and what you’re wearing.

LEO will be arriving and it would be no fun if you were mistaken for a bad guy.


I wanted to dial 911 or even pick up when Alarm Company called but did fail that task!


@Randall318 glad that everything worked out in the end.

I’m very curious to see the video. According to Active Self Protection (i don’t remember the exact number) but something like 1/3rd have more than one attacker.

16min response time! Oh my! I am spoiled living in the suburbs with likely well under <5min response time and more likely a 2-3min response time (well, pre-riot response time…).

100% glad you had weapons available. I agree with the others (@Zavier_D, @Sheepdog556 ) that you need a way to either hold both, or drop the pistol once you get to the rifle (or vice versa). With hindsight, do you feel that maybe you could have tapped answer and put the phone on speaker and dropped on floor? OR… answered the phone and dropped it near you since its more important they hear you rather than other way around?

I wonder if @Fizbin is correct, that LEO might have responded quicker knowing a) a person was home and b) the attackers were still there. They probably respond to a bajillion false alarms every day, and unfortunately maybe a little bit of routine settles in and maybe less urgency.

But just to reiterate… glad this worked out favorably in the end.


It sounds like you handled everything properly @Randall318. You’re safe, which is the desired outcome.

If you have a smartphone you can call via voice command, such as “ok Google, call 911 on speakerphone” , or “hey Siri, call 911 on speakerphone” this would allow you to keep hands on your firearm and as others stated might have reduced the time to response vs what they may have suspected to be a false alarm.

I’m glad you’re ok. Your training has served you well. :+1:


Thanks family for the input! It means a lot!


You did great. You covered the critical actions and held your ground. Many people would have started moving to contact. I think you did just fine brother. Everything else are refinements. God bless you sir, and I am very happy that you are ok.


Any time Brother.

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Good job waiting for the police only time that changes is if you have children or other family members in the home and have no choice and why family training is so important that way everybody in the house has a game plan


Sounds like you did some good things to me! As was mentioned, and you may very well have, maybe mention to 911 when you call them that you are armed and where you are inside so that they will know to expect that and that you are not the suspect they are looking for. Not a bad handling of the situation other than that as far as I can see!! Glad things turned out for the good for you!!


What you need my friend are claymores! :shushing_face: Just kidding, everyone freaks out when I say that. However, when zips are in the wire, click, click boom.
Glad you’re safe. Can’t imagine life without alarms, oh yeah, you may have to draw your weapon. If claymores are not a viable option, maybe a custom bathrobe is!


I thought this was a secure sight, someone’s been spying on me! Those guys are supposed to be watching my 6.