ATF Skirts Legal Formalities and Springs Another Gun Control Rule... AGAIN and AGAIN, and AGAIN!

We have already seen how the Biden administration is stretching the law to its breaking point, and beyond, in implementing the new background checks, red flag provisions, and dealer licensing requirements. But ATF is insisting its latest rule is merely a “non-controversial” “mirroring” of statutory language that allows it to skip the usual APA requirements of advanced notice, comment on the proposed rule, and written responses to substantial comments. According to ATF: “because this rulemaking is limited to directly incorporating statutory provisions, which can already be enforced absent this rule, notice and comment on this rule is unnecessary and not practical ….” This is the bureaucratic equivalent of, “Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.”

Maybe. Maybe not.

I DID NOT KNOW THE ATF can just make LAWS and POLICY without Congress and Senate approval?
(Psssssssst, THEY CAN’T)