ATF creates laws? SInce when?

Since when can the ATF just create new laws just by declaring them? I thought the U.S. was a republic where our representatives pass laws through Congress and they are signed into law or vetoed. Any thoughts? Are you writing your Congress person and Senators? It is time to get active.


What laws are they creating?




It’s past time to call your congress man and ask them what the hell is going on,when did the atf start making laws.


The EPA is the Expert Mentor to all of the other Alphabet Organization, they say it so it’s so. What I wonder about, when going to court for violating an ‘alphabet’ directives, does the judge ever ask “Now what Law was actually broken here?” or do they just go with it, treat it like it’s a law?


That is what we are looking forward to finding out. Stay tuned :grin:


Maybe I should say not if we get our shit together and not let them.


@Mark201 :thinking: That’s corruption at play, and no one watching the back door! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: They plant their own weeds so they can pull them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Then they call it “LAW ENFORCEMENT”.


Funny how judges never ask that. As to the AFT (don’t blame me, that’s what Biden called it), they make “rules” and pretend they have the force of law. Who needs congress & the senate when you’re plagued with boneheads like this?


If they are nimrods one would think they were pro 2A
I think you are referring to the latter definition.
It goes to show words don’t have the same meaning anymore. How do we manage¿

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The atf doesn’t have to create laws! They just need to change word meanings, and or completely interpret a law differently!! Then they can make millions of legal gun owners into felons, using laws already on the books!!!


Richard56, the answer is Judges do not ask the questions. In some cases, they just declare their own interpretation of the Laws or the US Constitution. It is a long article but it does show how corruption of the law is not limited to the Alphabet Agencies or what currently poses as the American Government.


I guess some “interpret out of the Right Side of their brains”
“interpret out of the Left Side of their brains”


@Leslie10 Welcome to the community! Great comment!


Usually when they work for the king all laws are null and void.
The king can and will dismiss what the SCOTUS has deemed illegal.
It’s obvious now that they can do ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE they want. Happening everyday right under our noses.
That’s how I know for a FACT the 2A DOES NOT WORK! We’re tasting treason!
Nobody has a leg to stand on, when they can openly declare “I AM HAMAS” :exclamation:


That’s how administrative law works. Congress is too lazy or deadlocked to actually write laws, so they delegate the authority to do so to administrative agencies, like the ATF, the FCC, Homeland Security, the EPA, the IRS, etc, etc. The typical process under the Administrative Procedures Act is that the agency promulgates proposed rule (i.e., “laws” that include fines for those who disobey them), and opens a public comment period where the public is invited to submit comments on the laws. The agency, after reviewing the public comments then can issue rules that are effectively laws.

Courts can and do reverse administrative agencies when: (1) the rules are outside the purview/jurisdiction of the agency (e.g., IRS making rules that pertain to telecommunications); (2) the agency failed to follow its own rules; (3) the agency issued rules that are unconstitutional or beyond the delegated statutory authority given to the agency by Congress; and/or, (4) the agency issued the rules without “due process” such as disregarding comments or not providing affected parties with an opportunity to be heard.


Very interesting how it changed usage over time.

the 1947 animated short What Makes Daffy Duck , in which Daffy Duck refers to Elmer Fudd as “my little nimrod.”

Though nimrod wasn’t used colloquially at the time, the new use gained popularity as the cartoon reached more households. Over the course of several decades, nimrod has remained part of pop culture.

The historians link the Tower’s [Babel] failure to Nimrod . It’s a stretch, but it could be surmised that the modern meaning originated here, mainly because the Tower was deemed a foolish venture for Nimrod.

Nimrod represents the rare case in which a word’s etymology is still wide open for debate. Whether it’s the biblical origin, the Bugs Bunny theory, or the link to 1980s teenagers,


You have have a valid point. In addressing your point , please note that I have altered my original post by changing “nimrods” with “boneheads” which, upon further consideration, is a far better description of the individuals currently occupying seats in congress, the senate and the WH.


That is the process, but it is unconstitutional! It is time to pull back the power that all these 3 letter agencies have.

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I get the sentiment, but how do you intend to go about pulling back the power of these 3 letter agencies that make law.

When I’ve suggested people run for office – after all people like Lauren Bobert from my state Colorado can figure out how to do it – I get soundly chastised by those on this site. So how are you proposing such a thing happen?

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