Asking for a friend. Home build serialize'd

I was asked by a friend about building a rifle. This friend built out a lower from Aero Percision had to wait 10 days serial number sent in to da feds and all that stuff. My friends began by picking out a 11.5 556, gaurd, muzzle flash bcg etc etc. Here is the question posed to me as the understanding of a legally built with a lower properly registered with NO INTENT OF SELLING is this
If intended to sell it must carry a manufactures serial number as well as the original and be registered as an SBR selling through an FFL OR
If no intention of selling keeping for ever does the home builder have to register as an sbr?

I’m no atf agent or lawyer, and I could be wrong…but…If you plan to build an SBR, you have to submit a form 1 to the atf. Failure to do this before you start your build makes you a felon. If you build one with a lower that has a serial number, that sn goes on your form 1. When you plan to build something that doesn’t have a sn, you make one, and that and your contact info goes on the item in a permanent fashion. To build a firearm, with the intent to sell you need a type 7 ffl, and manufacture of a nfa item, a class 2 sot… neither of which you mention having a license for. Multiple felonies :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark: best idea is to do A LOT more research before dabbling in this area. No offense. Btw, if the atf dudes are reading this, I don’t be building ■■■■… just reading. Y’all my favorite homies… :eyes:


One last thing. I’ve heard it’s a giant pain in the ass to sell/transfer a NFA item without a trust. If you build something, you’re probably better off keeping it for life. I’d also look into my specific state’s literature on whatever NFA item I were planning, if I were planning one.

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Interesting, thanks I will pass it on to my frriend who was wondering

I don’t know how much whoever travels, but to take a SBR out of state, you’ll need to submit a 5320 to the feds and have approval before departure. Suppressors aren’t affected by this. Just SBR, SBS, machine guns, and DDs. Love my ATF friends! Y’all the greatest organization ever. Feel so safe with y’all spying…I mean watching :eyes: