Ask an Attorney: What to ask an attorney?

@Tom_Grieve does an awesome job making legal concepts understandable on our “Ask an Attorney” webinars. _There’s one coming up soon based on the questions the Community asked a bit ago in this topic:

If he seems like a friendly sort in the webinars, it’s nothing compared to how friendly he is in person. But don’t let his friendly demeanor fool you! He and his firm are extremely knowledgeable about Wisconsin’s self-defense law.

I pray I never need to physically or legally defend myself, however, if I do I know who I want defending me in court.

Choosing a self-defense attorney is easy for me because of where I live and work. Tom gives you some ideas about what to ask an attorney:
BTW - One favor he asks of those who watch the webinars is to leave a review for him on Google (click here for his Google listing). There is a write a review button on the right side of the page.

What else do you look for in a self-defense attorney?



I wanted to leave a good review but, I did not see that on the right side of the page of google…

Maybe this will help, @Randall318. (Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, I was helping my son move and moderating from my phone for a few days :smiley: )
Try clicking on the picture:

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That is okay…
I’ve been dealing with the passing of my child.
She had a miscarriage:cry::cry::cry:

I could use prayers for me and my family.

Thanks in advance @dawn.

God bless,

Randall W. Anderson

I’m so sorry, @Randall318. My heart breaks for you and your family. You’re all in my prayers.

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Thanks @Dawn

What helps me and Leah is “we will see him/her again in heaven.”

We appreciate the prayers and support, it really means a lot. I think the hardest part for her is having to go back and tell people whom she told. (I agree with that too.)

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My sister-in-law and daughter both went through the same experience. It’s heartbreaking and so hard to talk about. You’re in our prayers.

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AWWW :cry: I’m so sorry as well!

Your family is in my prayers regardless of how long ago it was.

&& Yes, for Leah she just shuts down. I’m like an open book so its easier for me to talk about as well as express my feelings (Which we both know usually the woman is the open book) But, opposites do attract.

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