Are you paying attention?

True. We are easily distracted by our phones. I find myself getting in the t category more Often than i like. What we have to do to stay in orange is to understand that the phone is an instrument or tool, like our gun, We are to use it wisely and not to get distracted. Something i have to work on more and at the same time be aware of my surroundings. Head on a swivel


Friendly reminder, how having a mobile phone in one’s hand while out in public (as opposed to in once’s pocket), can increase your risk of a someone targeting you for crime, theft, or harm. As opposed to having both hands free.

In this attached video, I also wondered about which holster is best to use, depending on the environment one would be traveling in. On a personal level, I’ve been liking thumb/retention straps, such as snap button type. In this video, it appeared the defender (a lady), was able to quickly retrieve her hand-gun.

A few others lessons observed as well:


Where I live there is a terrible homeless, drug activity, pan handling problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched both women and men walk right into a group of these street people while they are cooking and shooting up. It’s right on the street, they don’t hide it here. It’s like people think these guys are nice guys, when they are doing dope deals or are tipping over from that last blast of heroin.


Sounds like San Francisco.

Stay safe.

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I pray you all do not visit Chicago much because that is one sign car jackers pick up on very quickly as visitors.

I moved away from there about 6 years ago but I go back to visit my kids and found out the 3 seconds rules still apply there.


I see this an it puts me more on alert