Are AR and AK pistols now. Aow?

What do we do with the AR and AK pistols we have ? Are we felons now?

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@Harvey has been keeping up with this for a while now: [Breaking News] ATF Deems Q Honey Badger "Pistol" as an "SBR" (update 10/27/2020)

I think the answer to your question is “not at this time”.


According to Guns& Gadgets, they are now AoW. Wait an hour or 2, & they should change their mind again.

Trump needs to reel these clowns in. They are putting their democratic agenda out there in an attempt to influence the outcome of the election


I am beginning to agree with the mindset that says Alchohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a convenience store.

What ATF is doing now is evil. The whole Honey Badger thing is a mess, and they need to be thumped on, because they aren’t supposed to be doing this sort of thing to us. From where I’m standing, it looks like their power is going to their heads.

I seem to remember Don Jr. buying a Spike’s Tactical Crusader pistol a couple years back, so they might want to be careful. When Trump wins reelection, ATF might have just earned his ire.

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Pardon my ignorance but I thought it was just a honey badger issue. Are they now saying all braces make a firearm a SBR?

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They have expanded into telling importers of pistols (named AR, AK, HK, but I would assume others) that these are not Pistols. And since they aren’t Rifles or Shotguns, they fall into the AOW category. If ATF applies the same logic to your pistol, then it is also an AOW.

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Well thats fantastic, I would hate for a government agency to just change how things are viewed randomly and make it even more difficult to operate inside the already clearly written laws.


Well I haven’t bought one because I have been wrestling with a ar pistol I. 5.56 or 9 mm. But I do like the M-1 carbine in 9mm it is not an evil black gun so it might survive the purge.

Good thing mine is olive drab and not black!

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In a few days we could all be AOW or is that AWOL. All my firearms have been lost in a peaceful protesters fire.

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