AR15 in a 556 or 223?


As I debate the parts for my AR build, I figured I should really find out the difference between the .223 and 5.56… I did some research at work today (LOVE MY JOB) for an easy-to-understand article about the difference. Surprisingly, the USCCA didn’t have any articles about the difference in our blog!

But our friends at Palmetto State Armory did!

If you have an AR, what caliber is yours? And why did you choose it?


I got mine in 5.56. I don’t know of any companies that chamber an AR in .223 rem. There is the .223 wylde which isnt a cartridge, but a chambering, that allows it to fire both .223 rem and 5.56, and I guess is supposed to optimize performance in the .223. Idk, I just got a 5.56 and group pretty well with .223 rem. Just waiting on my Fed tax return to get 1k of 5.56.

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I have an FNH Tactical Carbine chambered in 5.56 and the reason was so I could shoot both 5.56 and .223 ammo in it without complications. There are so many reasons why I chose it like this but ultimately I could not be more happier with the choice.

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5.56, and in my opinion the best route. There really isnt a big price difference between the two when is comes to what its chambered in. But the 5.56 is designed to handle more pressure.

The 223 wylde is supposed to be the best of both worlds. But as previously mentioned I see no difference in performance Shooting 223.

I think twist rate is a bigger difference maker

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5.56! Only way to go! Maybe, somewhat, your mileage may vary, some assembly required.

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