Another shocker... CIA and other agencies witheld information from President Trump WHILE he was in office

More treasonous activity if it can be substantiated. I can smell the files burning already.


It doesn’t get much more treasonous than this. F these commies. Too bad we’ll only get another “investigation” and none of these cretins will actually get cuffed and perp walked.


See, Trump’s detractors really love to throw around words like insurrection and treason alot. But the actual treason was deeply rooted in the bureaucracy that surrounds our government.

Anytime I see or hear the words treason, insurrection, or threat to our democracy from politicians. I have this internal “Princess Bride” moment and think "I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean".

Hears the thing, I’m a Constitutional Absolutist Libertarian, I think Trump was a decent President or his policies were. But I’m not a hard core fan. However, every day I see the lawfare this man has had to endure, the indignities, the outrageous and quite frankly ludicrous attacks on his person. I become more certain that We The People need to be vocal with our Congressional Delegations and be in contact with our local party’s in making sure every voter gets out there to vote, I’m going to volunteer again and help drive people to their polling place or somehow help.

I don’t think the Country can take 4 more years of Democrats running the show.


Good for you. I fear you may be in the minority on this site, however.


They never paid for murdering President Kennedy either. Way too many alphabet politburo’s, populated with unelected lunatics.


No, I feel pretty safe saying that there are plenty of politically active forum members here. We just don’t prescribe to the only true way to matter in politics is to run for office.


Hey, guys and gals,
I am leaving the USCCA for the long haul. I wish you all the best.
favorite farewells that I am shamelessly and even proudly borrowing,
Stay Frosty and have a root beer!

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Stay safe out there!

Thank you Ronald 150.

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Good luck to you, thanks for your time here.

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I’ll miss you all. Too many dr’s fighting over who’s first. Oh wait, who’s on third…lol!