Another example why we need the right to bear arms

It seems that at 3am, we all become judge, jury and sometimes executioner, while relying on our training, beliefs and adrenaline flow.

An attorney has to make the jury feel the same thing, while comfortably sitting in the box, ( wishing they were at home ) they need to be in fear for their lives, peeing in their pants. Complete with surround sound and feel around! They need to feel the same way the first time they watched Jaws! I bet you never hear a juror or anti-gunner say he needed a smaller boat!
It takes a great salesperson to accomplish that!
It’s a responsibility that should be universally respected. Being able to protect yourself!
Good conversation.


As for the first part of your reply: That’s a very rough, raw, and verbose way of looking at it, sir. Unfortunately, I have to agree with your statement, but only from the standpoint that it only applies to the cause at the ‘three O’clock hour.’ That cause being to save your life. Perception is a powerful thing, sir (you know this). You also know, it can lead us to do things we never thought we’d do. Many have said, “I will NEVER.” But when that bell rings, it has to be answered. How we answer will be determined by our level of training and quality and frequency of our practice of said training.

The second part of your reply point to the beauty of the American system of Justice. I am not Lawyer. lol. My reason for saying so is that it really helps those whose lives have been interrupted by the civic call and duty to serve as a “Juror.” Without evidence, without argument over what appears to be evidence, and without applied measurements and rules of evidence, coupled with instructions from the court, the Jurors would be handicapped, oblivious and inept to function as jurors. the Attorneys that argue either side do so in a manner to refine the gold so that the impurities can be removed or the “dross from the silver.”

While under examination, the subject or defendant is not sitting comfortably in their seat (but wishing they had a bucket to throw up in) but wishing that day had never come. And yes, bodily functions do tend to get their attention overwhelmingly, and all else as you have pictured. I surmise it’s not that easy to be partisan in a jury deliberation. The Lawyers have presented the evidence, the Law is made clear, the rules are tight, and the jurors’ duties are defined. And should something go Ary, thank goodness for the Appeals Court.

Regardless to how we feel, it is ALWAYS a good thing to be on the right side of the law.

I agree, it is a good conversation.

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You’re hired!

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LOL! I’m retired…I’m done with corporate nonsense. Furthermore, you’re short of about $1.65 for me to get an 8 oz. cup of coffee. lol


Reads very similar to what KY law says.

Come a knocking while being stupid is taking your life in your hands.

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I am mistaken there - I was not careful with the facts. Thank you for the correction. I read the story then all the posts and only remembered there was a camera involved. :sunglasses: I guess part of my mistake was related to this:

As he looked out the window, he saw a man he did not recognize. The man then approached the door and began kicking it while jiggling the handle.

I assumed he saw the person approaching the door as he was looking out the window. Well, I will rest on the first part of my post, wherein I stated, “Regardless of the state, that is not wise”.


I agree. I’m glad the homeowner didn’t get charged (I can’t imagine waiting 2+ months for a D.A. to decide whether I was going to be charged or not). In situations like this. It just seems to come down to the D.A.



And not much (We the People) can do about it. :thinking:

The Biggest Threat to America Isn’t Donald Trump or MAGA

Opinion by Harrison Kass • 7h ago

998 544 1k Comments

The biggest threat: A Plutocracy - Much has been made lately about the peril of American democracy. The January 6th “coup,the rise of MAGA, and Russian influence on U.S. elections – all are described as existential threats to democracy itself.

But contemporary discussions about threats to U.S. democracy make a sweeping assumption: that America still is a democracy.

The premise has been suggested – and supported without much effort – that the U.S. is no longer a democracy. Not in the purest sense anyway. Rather, in functional terms, the U.S. has come to be a plutocracy – a “government by the wealthy.”

Back to the Roots of Democracy

In a democracy, “the masses broadly determine their future.” In a democracy, each individual has “one vote” so to speak, meaning that each person has equal say and equal influence over their government. In the most technical terms, U.S. citizens still enjoy one vote per person, sure. But in functional terms, the say or influence a U.S. citizen has over their government equates to their income level.

Here is a simple litmus test to emphasize the point: Whose political will is more determinative? Yours or Mark Zuckerberg’s? Oprah Winfrey’s? Peter Thiel’s? Charles Koch’s?

Has America Strayed from Democracy?

“Today, when working class or even middle class Americans have to compete with the affluent elites, they are not competing on a level playing field,” Kishore Mahbubani wrote. “They have to run uphill to score goals. By contrast, the affluent elites run downhill as the playing field is tilted in their favor.”

Journalist Anand Giridharadas addressed the issue in his timely book Winners Take All.

“A successful society is a progress machine. It takes in the raw material of innovations and produces broad human advancement. America’s machine is broken,” Giridharadas wrote. “When the fruits of change have fallen on the United States in recent decades, the very fortunate have basketed almost all of them.”

He lists several examples, including the fact the income of the top ten percent of Americans has more than doubled since 1980; the top one percent’s income has tripled; the top 0.001 percent has increased 700 percent; meanwhile, the income for the bottom half of Americans, half of the entire country’s populations, has not moved an inch.

“These familiar figures amount to three and a half decades worth of wondrous, head-spinning change with zero impact on the average pay of 117 million Americans.”

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz wrote a 2011 Vanity Fair article titled “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%,” which made a similar assessment, noting that the top one percent of Americans are raking up about a quarter of America’s income every year. With respect to wealth, the top one percent control about 40 percent. Just a quarter century ago, the top one percent raked up “just” 12 percent of the nation’s income and controlled “just” 33 percent of the nation’s wealth.

“Eventually, these inequalities will enable those better situated to exercise a larger influence over the development of legislation,” Mahbubani wrote.

Obviously, what Mahbubani describes has already been happening for decades. Zuckerberg, Koch, Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos – they all have outsized political influence.

In principle, their outsized political influence is a problem: it violates the basic tenets of democracy. In practice, “their” outsized political influence is used to – above all things – preserve and augment their own personal wealth – which of course comes at the expense of the majority’s wealth and self-interest.

Joe Biden speaking at the UN on September 21, 2022.

I know I’m speaking generally about the elite and their interests and their political ambitions – but for the most part, the point stands. Jim Walton’s political interests cut against your political interests. And Jim Walton has a significantly higher ability to exert his political interests than you have of exerting your political interests.

That’s not democracy.

Harrison Kass is the Senior Editor at 19FortyFive. An attorney, pilot, guitarist, and minor pro hockey player, he joined the US Air Force as a Pilot Trainee but was medically discharged. Harrison holds a BA from Lake Forest College, a JD from the University of Oregon, and an MA from New York University. He lives in Oregon and listens to Dokken. Follow him on Twitter @harrison_kass.

*Want more 19FortyFive military, defense, and national security, as well as politics and economics analysis from the best experts on Earth? Follow us on [Google News]


Great post . Thanks


Good article. Would read again. :+1:


This is just making them squirm in their undies. :joy: USCCA is mentioned in the article. :+1:

People Can Now Carry Guns Without A License In Half Of America’s States (


They don’t even want to touch what the USCCA is it’s laughable.

This photo taken Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, shows a sign advertising the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, which advocates on behalf of gun owners’ rights to carry firearms concealed, on display at SHOT Show, the annual trade show for the gun industry in Las Vegas.

USCCA does more than that.

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That’s not what the article was about but… I believe N.Y. and Washington State still ban them. :thinking:

Does anyone know if USCCA is legal in Hawaii?


I believe we are still slaves king…


Care to clarify that so I don’t have to guess :thinking: