Ammo for VRBP100- 12Ga

Hi all.
It’s time to buy ammo again, and while I’m looking at LE12700, I’m noticing a lot of “out of stock” notes or what are higher prices for the ammo. Eg., 250 rd cases are over $300, plus S&H.
As such, I’m wondering what else I should consider.

Last year, I bought some smaller boxes, of various shot sizes, and makers.
Something I never gave any thought to was the length of the brass cap at the back of the shell. For a semi-auto, like the VRBP100, I’ve found that the shorter brass caps result in getting stuck upon ejection. As such, for this gun, I cannot use them, even with the 5 round mag.
I.e., I now have several boxes of ammo I cannot use.

Questions on ammo… I’d prefer to get 250 rd cases.
as stated, the LE12700 is preferred.
What are good 00 Buck ammo makers, which have the longer brass caps…?
Any thoughts on Winchester’s Military 00? I noticed a decent price on that. I’m not seeing enough specifics about the shell casing itself, or answered Q’s about it.
Is there a way to check the brass cap lengths up front? I realize this may seem goofy, and in all honesty, the shorter caps getting caught upon ejection really surprised me… It definitely made me think-- I need to get a regular shotgun if I’m going to continue to use these shells.

Thank you all for your responses, and time.

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The Winchester mil spec 00 is the one buckshot I have tried that I would definitely not recommend. Even at only 10 yards the patterns were really open and by 20 yards the pellets are starting to go all over the place. There are cheaper and better options out there.

From all the reports I have read and testing I have done with my semi auto shotgun Federal LE133 8 pellet seems to be the best option for tight patterns, low recoil and reliable function at least in reliable semi auto shotguns. But a case of that is gonna be in the $350 - $400 range.

The best cheap option I have personally tested is the Fiochi Dynamic Defense 00 buckshot 9 pellet. I have seen it on sale for as little as 60 cents/shell. It patterned pretty well from my shotgun out to 20 yards but not nearly as well as the LE 133. I believe it is a high brass shell like the Federal LE options but would have to check to make sure.