Albuquerque Gun Control Meanie's 'Task Force' Fizzles worse than a (3) day old Diet Coke!

To start off with this ISN’T an Albuquerque/New Mexico story
It’s a Coast to Coast story of Big .gov with very little Brains
who have this Socialistic Marxist agenda to relive you good people
The Larger issue is the ‘DEFUND THE POLICE’ propaganda machine so they can institute a
'NATIONAL POLICE FORCE .gov run. I hear the Groans from my Living room already!
Look how well they do everything else—(5) days to get water to a sports stadium after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans as an example.
This Country wide OBSESSION of ‘DISARMAMENT’ is only going to get worse if
you folks don’t VOTE this POS Pudding Puppet out of Orifice this year.
This State (New Mexico) my home state is already lost
I pray for where ever you live there is a glimmer of hope to try
and bring Sanity and Reason back to the people.

God bless you all (am I still ‘allowed’ to say that?)

Where We Go 1 We Go All !
The Snek is already stomped on


God bless you too Don106, and thanks for sharing the article.


God bless you, Don, and all rights loving, freedom loving Americans who stand up for what is good.


God bless you @Don102. I think the cold ugly truth is unless we can convince people that the only way to protect ourselves from someone who is armed is to be armed ourselves. Trying to convince people how to vote will do nothing because they won’t vote for someone that will give them the right to protect themselves.
The fact of the matter is once we get people to want to protect them selves and loved ones they won’t vote for anyone that will take that right away regardless what political party they represent.


(and Edward and Joseph also)

What we are seeing (in real time) IS We The People Arming themselves!
Anyone who isn’t woke or Indoctrinated SEE’S with their own eyes they are trying to RULE US!
The .gov is growing like a bloated TICK!
It was always but now new agencies are cropping up and arming up!
Why is there a need for ARMED IRS agents? and there are only 20,370 Border patrol agents to cover 20,500 lineal miles ? seems a little Bassakwards to me?
(but then again I am accused of being a Tin Foil Hat wearing card carrying Conspiracy Theorist. (it doesn’t mean I am wrong though)).
Back to the Topic for a change—People see a defunded Police force, Leftist DA/Judges who don’t see anything wrong w/ catch and release, no bail etc.
So before they annilate the FFL’s we are buying BULK!

And we better.
Ammo Companies are also in the crosshairs!


Without your post I wouldn’t know what to say. Hindsight is 20-20. Keep up the good work.


Thank you and God Bless you Don. I get to live in the great state of Michigan so I am almost in the same boat you are in just not totally, yet, but she is working on it. cannot wait to vote her OUT!!!1


Don, I don’t want to make you blood boil (nor anyone else on this thread) … but I think you may appreciate this documentary. Feel free to share it.


Nah Brother, No blood boiling here just another whiny little beeotch thug.
Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Just another Model citizen for Sainthood.
Thank you Edward, I never saw that before. I need to run errands I will complete
the Video w/ Popcorn (I was almost at the ‘Takedown’) I guess when they knelt on his neck.
I’ve seen too much in life for this to bother me.
When the Pendulum swings back to Reality and Normalcy and ALL the peep’s
who feel this gentlemen and others like him will be exposed I hope they realize
how many Innocents they hurt defending this PILLAR of the community.
Liar, druggie, Thief, Felony Weapons Possession and on and on and on.

I hope he welcomed OJ in He-double hockey-sticks.
(Trying not to get burned in the new Improved USCCA)
Good Riddance Bubba! Minnisomalia USA! a shrine to a Perp.


Don102, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE SIR .LOVE Bobby Jean.And Debbie ann. . :chile::us::feather::feather::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::eagle:Here’s A.Root.Beer.:beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::zap::zap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Don102 I WAS TRRULY YOUR FRIEND. Here IS A ROOT BEER .:beer:.SIR Bobby Jean.:feather::feather::beer::bangbang:

What do you mean WAS my friend Pardner?

Don102. I did not mean anything when I never knew you lived in a blue state . And I have been eating crap about my spelling and grammar and the rules and NATHAN . Is a company man. I . Do not understand about this iPhone and every thing seems to have to be correct. I said I was sorry about saying anything about a blue state . And I promise I have been your friend . I can not compeat we gramer what ever that is . Don I am a real person scholl or not . Here’s a root beer.:beer: thanks Bobby Jean :feather::feather::bangbang:


Relax Brother man We’re coolMY blue State SucksNo issue w/ me.
Don’t sweat the small stuff (spellin’ n Gramma! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)

We are Brothers, that will never change BobbyJean

Stay Frosty


Amen :beer::feather::us: