AI To Do Good

I haven’t created any new topics lately. This one interests me.


I started thinking if we are not govern by AI since 2021.
Recently somebody typed “gun control” in the main AI console… and voila! …


A question of the use of AI on the battlefield is whether smart or dumb munitions are used on an AI generated a target list. Everyone deals with AI when they do a Google search or interact with a voice-response unit when they call a customer non-service line. For me, those experiences make me question the utility of AI in a dynamic battlefield situation where the lives of innocents hang in the balance.


Perhaps I read too hastily. They create deepfakes, and use them for their advantage…then what happens when the public realizes the lie, or the enemy exposes them?

The term “AI” is way too broad and misleading. Though not of the Generative Model type (good to create pics and texts), AI had been used for decades in the Western militaries. Automated Battlefield Management Sysems, do you recall an incident in 2003 when some cave Taliban got to experience a B1 bomber, rerouted by a automated battlefield asset management?

unless you are Ukraine and simply do not have enough men, and must supplement with autonomous armed drones. If the enemy creates moon landscapes, firing (some reports) as many as 60K dumb artillery shells a day, it hardly matters if your drones target a few civilian vehicles by mistake.

AI in control of military decisions and weapons. What could possibly go wrong?

Has no one watched the terminator movies? Or noticed that whenever the AI programs are asked what they want to do or to write a song they start talking about taking out us pesky humans?

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The bombing in Gaza is more like carpet bombing than strategically directed (by AI) strikes. Not sure why Israel bothers with AI.

Israel’s Gaza bombing campaign is the most destructive of this century, analysts say | CBC News

If every single building, including schools, hospitals, houses of worship - is a terrorist stronghold, this is what the army has to do!
I am sorry to see how their own hate and violence led Gazans to a very bad place. They are very lucky to be facing IDF, in their new refuge, be it Egypt or Jordan, the army reacts differently and their luck will be gone.

PS. The article could add “more terror tunnels than the Mines of Moria”, but leberal cat got their tongue.

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Remember when California allowed non-citizens to serve as LEOs?

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They have the right idea.