Accessing Protector Academy Range Qualifications

USCCA Protector Academy has three Qualification Levels that each require a series of online video lessons followed by in-person training on a range with an instructor and finally a specific multi-stage qualification drill.
You must be a USCCA member to complete these level: Gold for Level 01, Platinum for Level 02, and Elite for Level 03.

You might wish to use the drills for your own practice and self-test. The specifics of the qualification drills are available on line without signing up for the program, but there is a trick to get to see them.
If you have an account (whether or not a member) and are logged into USCCA, going to the specific drills page results in a message like this one for Level 01:

To take this course, you need to complete the following courses first: Children’s Firearms & Safety Fundamentals: How to Teach Kids About Firearms, Handgun Safety and Marksmanship Fundamentals

However, if you log out of the site and return to each Range Requirements page, you can see the entire required course of fire detail.

  1. Qualification Level 1: Range Requirements
  2. Qualification Level 2: Range Requirements
  3. Qualification Level 3: Range Requirements

Not sure you should have posted this as it is intentionally behind a pay wall. USCCA has the right to monetize it’s content, which is obviously the intended goal.

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Apparently not, since it is easily accessible as I described. Further, the restriction is not behind a paywall. If you create a free account on the USCCA site, the restriction activates when logged in.
However, if the intent was to limit it to USCCA members, I imagine they will recode the access based on my posting.
In the meantime, there is no reason to keep the drills secret. More likely, my posting may encourage folks to join USCCA and upgrade their member levels.
Further, as a CCHDF and DSF L1 Instructor I am offering my services to conduct and verify completion of the range requirements drills.

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Hmmm it sure seems to be content they want behind a wall. Since you have to do several operations to see it. But you do you. I’m not the forum police :police_car::rotating_light:

Obviously not easy since you’re describing steps to get around current controls.

Maybe someone will also find a way to share materials for Defensive Shooting Fundamentals without having to pay for your class.


Actually, it is quite easy to get to what I described. I did it the first time by simply wandering the USCCA training site pages while not logged in, as a prospective member might do when deciding whether to join.
Those steps are set up to lead the paid (that is USCCA member) walk through the video classes in sequence until reaching the last part for each level, which requires in-person instruction and the qualification shooting drills. All of the proprietary video classes in each sequence are indeed behind the paywall, because non-members can see the title screen, but cannot watch the videos without being logged in as the appropriate level of membership.

As a DSF Level 1 Instructor, I can tell you that the in-person class is completely a hands-on skills development class. The entire curriculum of the in-person portion of the course is the instructor describing and demonstrating and then the student performing the skills with coaching. There is a pre-class series of videos which is the proprietary instructional content, and thus is behind the paywall that @Zavier_D asked about.