A Spring Cleaning Advisor

I’ve posted this to remind you to keep an eye out for harmful creepy-crawlies when you’re emerging from your yearly winter malaise, especially you members in the warmer states. Linens and towels you’ve stored away should be shaken outside, or over your bathtub, just to make sure they don’t contain a venomous surprise to put you into a hospital. When I lived in SC, I once found a black widow hanging from a stack of bath towels I was switching out, and another when I was looking inside cabinets, I used a can of air freshener one time to kill some paper wasps nesting outside my front door - the alcohol made them drop like stones. An old man kept a hunting jacket on a hook on his basement wall in the off-season. The next time he put it on, he was bitten on the back of his neck by a brown recluse, and later died. In short, these little sonsabiches can be ANYWHERE, so be vigilant this spring. FYI


Thanks very much for the ADVISORY.


That’s for sure on that. Was at my sons place looking at an old barn that had collapsed on his place before he bought it . Was looking for some materials to use for a project. Talking about places for things to hide. :us:

Why do you people live where there are snakes? Eeew.

Even here in Ohio - as cold as it is - we have 3 venomous snakes - copperheads, and 2 species of rattlesnakes. Look up what’s native to your state - most other species are harmless, but even a garter will strike at you or bite out of self-defense. If rodents can survive where you are, they’re prey for snakes.


Where do you live that there aren’t snakes?

They are pretty important for keeping rodent populations under control.

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Snakes follow the simplest law of nature - eat…or BE eaten.

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The only rodents we have to worry about are squirrels and woodchucks. :blush: