I carry a round in the chamber of my edc pistol. Whenever I manually eject that round, for whatever reason, it goes in the practice pile and is replaced by a new round.


A person should practice with EDC rounds to make sure that the ammo runs through the gun properly without any malfunctions. So, that is a good idea!


Any method that is consistent and works for you is good.

This won’t work in my case. I will have to pay too much for ammo. :wink:
My EDC rounds are ejected everyday. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed. My source for practice ammo is the Dillon RL550B on the work bench. :wink:

Stay safe …


The Blue standard.:+1::dart:

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I’m having a senior moment. Please explain your post.

How many self-defense rounds, on average, do you eject each day?

I read this to mean you are cycling All your carry ammo each day.

Everyday when I’m back home I eject magazine and chambered round.
I use my EDC handgun for dry firing, so of course it has to be empty.
When I’m not dry firing, I’m running or attending classes or training sessions, using my EDC handgun and target ammo.

Usually chambered round goes back to its original position - top in mag’s stack.
Sometimes, when I need all of my magazines for a class, the chambered round has a chance to be back anywhere in mag’s stack.
I’m not cycling rounds.


Chambering - unchambering - rechambering the same round again and again in a semiautomatic can reduce the overall length of the cartridge, leading to an overpressuization issue when the round is eventually fired. In extreme circumstances this has been known to blow the chamber\barrel apart, causing severe injury (or worse).

Everything depends how you do this. I treat my SD ammo gently and so far have never seen any differences.

I’m not experiencing this problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have experienced this with my 10mm.

I used to have it sometimes with my 9mm but now I use Critical Defense because they have the case crimped into a cannelure and I don’t have the same problem.

I am hoping Hornady will come out with critical defense for the 10mm soon, what with all the new 10mm options that are out there these days.

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If you’re going to fire it, why not just leave the first round chambered and fire it, rather than ejecting it and placing it into some random pile?

Perhaps the gun is about to be cleaned. You may elect to leave a round in the chamber; I prefer to completely clear the gun.

Makes sense. I hadn’t thought about that.

Perhaps you are getting ready to do some dry fire practice. I hope you are not going to do it with a live round in the chamber.