24 states vs NJ - magazines

24 states urge Supreme Court to take case challenging NJ large-capacity magazine ban | Fox News

24 states have filed an amicus (‘friend of the court’) brief arguing that NJ’s ban on 11+ round magazines harms the 2nd Amendment. The ban forbids even possession of the items, which are in common use and legal in 43 other states.

Personal opinion: cases like this make me nervous. If SCOTUS accepts the case, the decision will have significance no matter which way the wind blows. Either states will not be permitted to ban common use self defense components, or we’ll open the flood-gates for individual states to regulate the 2nd Amendment. Our “patchwork” of 2A laws will get even worse.

Not to mention that any decisions that run counter to the current administration’s wishes only increases the chance that they’ll try to subject the judiciary to executive authority via a “court packing” scheme.