22 LR discussion / video

Fun topic. I wouldn’t do it. BUT some gun is always better than no gun.

However, if I did carry .22 it would be a pocketable double action revolver. I would want to be able to pull the trigger on a new round if one failed (like others have said, happens occasionally with 22).

The problem with 22 is if you really want to poke holes that will stop a bad guy, you’d probably have to aim for a CNS shot. (Not to be gruesome, but it’s true). That could be a difficult target even with 22.

It would be better to have a larger caliber and aim for center mass.


Agree. I have an RG 14, 22 revolver. Maybe one of the cheapest 22 revolvers ever. Bought it new and never had a problem with it. Have no idea how many rounds I’ve fired through it. Reviews on you tube run the gamut good to bad. Shoots shorts, bird shot, cheap ammo and the higher priced ammo. It is just a 22 but it has been very reliable, and fun, for me. It’s not a 9, a 40, or 45 but in a pinch could it be a life saver? Yes, I think it could. The RG 22 revolver has a little bit of history…. Even if it was a ricochet.


I carry a 22 magnum for a backup to a backup and it becomes my primary in certain situations… be nice to have a dependable 22 mag semi automatic pocket pistol.