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SHOT Show (the industry’s largest Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show) is always quite a whirlwind of activity, people, products, information, events and meetings. The 2020 show, Jan. 21-24 in Las Vegas, was no different. And, as always, it’s very difficult to try to capture the SHOT Show experience in a few hundred words. It’s also quite a challenge to try to narrow down some of what I learned and discovered at the show. But here’s an attempt at a recap and a small glimpse into a very full week of industry awesomeness!

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Are there any “must haves” for you form this year’s Shot Show? What other items have you heard about from this year’s show?

Dawn, are you aware of the last round stovepiping issue with the S&W Shield EZ 380? Was very interested in obtaining one for my EDC, but now i’m not sure it would be a good EDC weapon. Any thoughts?

I hadn’t heard about the stove-piping, @Stephen_W. I know a few people who carry it and love it. Is it a certain batch or is it looking like they are all doing that? We have one at the range where I work and I’ve never seen or heard of it stove-piping. And that weapon gets a LOT of use.

I wonder if it’s from needing to be cleaned or maintained?

First saw the issue on utube on hickock45’s page. He is a well respected shooter and very unbiased on any and all firearms. After seeing this I saw quite a few utubers experiencing the same issues. It seemed it only happens on the last round, even though that is still a troubling issue. I have a Beretta Cheetah 380 and was interested in the Shield but maybe I will just stick with the Cheetah. Thanks for your response.