What Will We See at SHOT Show 2020? | USCCA

It’s that time of year again in the gun industry: show season. And since it’s January, that means SHOT Show is upon us. Although there’s a plethora of new products out there — some already pre-SHOT launched, some about to launch — there are also some trends to follow. Rather than focusing on the products that have launched in recent weeks, let’s consider the trends we’ve been watching grow for SHOT Show 2020.

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Went to my local pharmacy last week to buy a tourniquet for my kit. The pharmacist said they do not carry or recommend them. I learned about them when I was a Boy Scout and I know they can be used incorrectly by untrained people. But golly! Where do I get some. I hear they are manufactured today, so you don’t need to use a belt or scout neckerchief.

There are quite a few styles available on Amazon. I like the CAT tourniquets as I used them on an ambulance. There are some out that are said to be better/newer designs. Maybe check them out and then study up on them. You may be able to find them locally at a military surplus, hunting supply store, or a prepper store.

Amazon has a bunch. I know the range where I shoot sells them as well. Have you tried places like Cabela’s or other outdoor stores? Walmart’s website lists them as well.