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I remember enjoying so many wonderful books as a child. One that stood out as a “top 10” for a very long time was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. In this story, young Alexander was just not having a very good day. He had to endure gum in his hair, sitting in the middle of the backseat, third-best-friend status, no dessert at lunch, lima beans, railroad pajamas and kissing on TV — all in one day!

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Trying to have a positive attitude about things but,

My wife and all labeled it “The Lost Year”.

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I’m not sure why everyone says it is a bad year. Ok maybe I don’t know because it’s been a great year for me and my family. Maybe because I don’t look at life for all the bad time. I like to focus on the good times.

Yeah some weird things happened. If you focus on your family and loved ones you’ll see all the good things that came out of this year. I think the problem with this country is that we look at the bad things and dwell on them instead of getting past them and focusing on the good.

Me personally I focus on the good.

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Why do I feel like somebody just shared the accomplishments section of their feedback to their annual performance review with me…



After the news of the election runoff this morning it feels like the lost decade but we need to focus on that which we can control and appreciate what we have in our lives and find a way to move forward. The new email from USCCA is just what I needed this morning to change the narrative today since yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised to any of us.
Thank you USCCA!

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Unfortunately I believe 2021 is already terrible and will only get worse, hoping that 2024 may bring some hope?

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