Why Did You Wait To Buy A Gun

I waited until I was 40 to buy a shotgun for home defense also hoping for a chance to hunt again. That was 2001. I bought my first handgun for CCW 4 years ago. I’ve always wanted one after the Arny, especially after a very aggressive road rage incident I posted on another thread. The reason I never say much about this hesitation is rooted in knowing my older brother kept his shotgun loaded to shoot our dad, a drunk and absentee father. Enough about that. I’m not sure my son knows this story. But he will read it I’m sure. Dad Died when our oldest son was three years old.


I didn’t wait :sunglasses: . Do I get a pumpkin pie?


Bring my grandson over and you can take a pie home with you. :heart:


I bought one the day i was 21


What pie or weapon?


I honestly didn’t buy one because I didn’t want the responsibility that went with it. After I left the Marine Corps in 2004 I just wanted to settle down, raise my family and live a “normal” life. Unfortunately, with a world full of social media and an entire generation of “entitled” children who have now reached adulthood, “normal” is now more of a relative term. Then came riots and the “defund the police” movement. Hell, even in my own neighborhood kids are shooting and killing eachother over a bottle of Hennesy. Not that I’m trying to be paranoid, but I know that there are a lot of irresponsible people out there with weapons who can attack anyone, anywhere, at anytime. This past year my wife and I finally just made the choice to carry, responsibly of course, to protect ourselves and our family with this uncertain near future.


Had first gun at 6 and never stoped getting them kept getting long guns as gifts all I would ask for growing up, old enough to start buying I bought especially if it was a deal, turned 21 and the pistols came. Married a woman who as long as I had bills paid never minded me picking something up, some people like stray animals I love firearms.


Not sure. I appear to have lost them both while going boating a few weeks back. Lost the boat too. It was very sad :disappointed:


I waited for a long time but always wanted one. I grew up around guns and also spent 10 years in the Navy. I was deployed alot in the Navy so never thought about it while I was in.

My first wife was against guns. No that is not why we got divorced.

My current wife was also nervous about having guns in the house with kids around. We have been together over 21 years now. Our youngest is now 10.

We were coming home from the grocery store back over the summer. She said she thought it was time. We were not talking about guns so I had no idea what she was talking about. she felt with the craziness it was now time. We went to the gun store a few days later after I did a lot of research.

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I bought my first handgun when I turned 21. I was already in the Air Force for 2 years but I couldn’t vote until I turned 21.

Only waiting that took place was to turn legal age for purchase, it’s been beautiful living as a 2A American ever since then.