What was the best thing you've learned from other students?

Firearms instructors are a wealth of knowledge. They have trained countless hours and taken courses on how to be a good instructor. We’ve all learned so much from some amazing instructors!

Someone else we can learn a lot from is other students - no matter what level of training they have.

What have you learned from other students (good or bad) that has stuck with you?


Point the firearm in a safe direction…mostly from seeing people not do that!


Something I haven’t had in a while. To have fun and be positive and full of good energy.

That’s one of the things I enjoyed the most was the joy of teaching.


Well when I was at the police range one time during re-qualification one of the other officers that was there right next to me was getting some awesome groupings at 15 yards so I said to him " yo brother do you sleep with that thing" and he said he did dry fire drills the night before re-qualification, I never did that and I probably would have shot better.


I remember a foreign officer who, anytime his pistol misfired, would turn it around and look down the barrel. He never qualified.

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Make sure you e got your “eyes and ears” on. Made a couple of self proclaimed “experts” jump when I touched off some .357 mag. Our instructor warned them, that even at 7 yards away, it would be loud.


I’ve “learned” about 4 safety rules… as @Brad mentioned - point the firearm in safe direction.

I’ve been always telling my kids and friends - do not take any classes and even think about range time if you cannot spell 4 safety rules.

It really pisses me off when I see 'cowboys" and “gangsters” with firearms on the range.
Thx God, I don’t see this on classes, I attend one Instructor’s classes -he gets rid of such people from the class…


The indoor range I go to has instructors for beginning shooters… One day I noticed a crater in the cinder block about a foot above the bench. I remember thinking “how do you manage that!?!” Fast forward two weekends and I’m back with my 12yo niece teaching her to shoot. Lo and behold “bam bam” and I hear yelling and an instructor comes to my bay to make sure we are ok. They immediately left, and we packed up our stuff. That day drove home the lessons of “always point down range and keep your booger hook off the trigger until you are ready to fire at your intended target” for my niece.