What makes a good firearms instructor?

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to firearms class or a defensive shooting class, choosing the right instructor is important.

What do you look for in a firearms instructor?


I just took my first commercial course last month and was not disappointed at all. The instructors were no BS and called you out for mistakes, I think they did this for 2 reasons. 1 they wanted you to be better they genuinely cared that you left better then you arrived, the 2nd is that they only did this to the better or more confident shooters. This caused the newer shooters to relax and see that everyone misses or has bad days.

However I would not send my wife to this class as I don’t think she’d enjoy this environment at all. And the owner said he didn’t want people to drag people to his class.

Other than basic safety and gun handling, what makes a good instructor is gonna change based about on personal preference and what you’re looking to learn



Fit, personality wise.

Knowledge, real world vs book.

Mutual Respect. Some days, depending on my lack of a Thyroid gland and my Addison’s, I can either be a shaking mess, and need to take my medication and let it take effect. Others I have nerves of steel and shoot lights out.


If it is a defensive class I like scenarios (active shooter, home invasion, mugging etc).

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I look for humility, and the ability to state when they don’t know an answer.


I always check reviews and recommendations first.
If I cannot find any, I go for class of my choice anyway. So far every Instructor has met my expectations. :ok_hand:
Right now I’m trying to stay with one Instructor who made best impression on me.

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The best teachers are often those who struggled to learn. Natural talents and child prodigies have a hard time explaining the skills they didn’t struggle to learn, they just did it, so why can’t you?

So D’Jango might be a great shot but a poor instructor.


I look for someone who knows the subject matter, but does not need to be a know it all.
I look for someone who can speak well.
I look for someone who can listen and answer questions. And if they don’t know to say so.