To keep and bear arms

Since the discovery of America, the rifle has played a significant role in helping our great country fight for and maintain its freedom. The weapon used to make this country free was a weapon of war, the Kentucky rifle. More accurate than the tyranny government we had at the time. With the gun WE have maintained a free country and freedom is not free. A legacy from generation to generation passed on from father to son or even daughter. Safety and training being passed on to protect them and theirs in the way of life and liberty.
Even to this day you cannot separate the gun from weapons of war and those owned by Americans because they are our protection for self-defense and maintaining our way of life here in America. Laws being made are not against the illegal use from outlaws they are towards the responsible gun owners.
Responsible gun owners need to have training to operate this freedom safely just like operating an automobile safely and responsibly.
With the groups of A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League
Amateur Trapshooting Association
Civilian Marksmanship Program
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association
DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide
International Defensive Pistol Association
National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association
National Rifle Association
National Skeet Shooting Association
National Sporting Clays Association
and many more groups.

The rights to bear arms in defense of our country is one of our obligations of free man.
The right to bear arms generally refers to a person’s right to possess weapons. Over the years, the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution’s right to bear arms as an individual self-defense right, making it very difficult for Congress to regulate guns. The purpose of gun rights is for self-defense, including security against tyranny, as well as hunting and sporting activities.

Freedom has a nice ring to it as well as a recoil.