The Aftermath: Predator Ambushes Mall Patron at Home

I worked at my gas station for a total of 5 1/2 years, and was robbed twice after 4 months, and then 12 1/2 months later robbed a 3rd time.

The math you guys are trying to figure out is wrong. It depends on what’s on the robbers mind, he still has to react to you, Gun talk media did a test where somebody had a gun pointed at another person, and they’d try to see if the guy could pull the trigger before the other guy draws and pulls his trigger and he failed everytime.

The robber isn’t expecting you to carry, when you draw it’s called violence of action, and you’re making the robber react to you, if you suprise him, and he does shoot, it’ll probably be a crappy shot, and most handgun rounds are survivable. There’s stories of clerks pulling a gun and getting shot 4 times, but was able to put one robber down and the other one fled, and in his interviews he said if the scenario was to happen again, he would of done it again.

If your life is in imminent danger, you can and MUST use deadly force to stop it. It’s either die on your knees or die fighting.

Active Self Protection says to wait your turn, but sometimes your turn may never come. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO SURVIVE!!! There are no rules in a gun fight.

I tend to think of it as this way, which is easier to shoot, a guy on his knees holding still while you put a gun to his head, or somebody actively fighting and doing anything he can to try to disable you permanently?

The 1st option you’re giving your life up to the robber and letting HIM DECIDE WHETHER TO SPARE YOU OR NOT! The 2nd option, you’re giving him a fire breath of F YOU you don’t have a monopoly of power on me, you have to deal with mine first, and it may be the last thing you or him ever do.

Companies like to talk about the money, and say the money isn’t worth your life, but you’re not protecting the money, you’re protecting yourself. The guy who’s robbing you is not your friend, he doesn’t have good intentions, and after he gets done with you, he’s going to go across the street and rob the next guy. You have to draw your own line in the sand, what is going to make you pull your weapon out and use it. You come in a gas station, a laundromat, a grocery store with a gun out robbing people, you’ve already crossed my line. Everybody in the room is now in danger, and I fully intend to draw and fire.


Man, you’re putting your life on the line hoping for a crappy shot. I understand what you’re saying but as John says wait until you have the advantage and FIBSA kicks in. A crappy shot still hurts like a mo-fo and still has the probability of disabling you for life. Practice, wait your turn and then drop him dead.


And remember sometimes your turn may never come so it’s important to live everyday as your last.”

That’s what John says. Do you wait for an opportunity that may never come? Or do you act hoping you put the fear in him that you stop the attack?

He also says if you’re going to comply, comply fully, if you’re going to fight, fight fully.

By waiting and complying until your so called turn, the bad guy controls you. By fighting with full resistance, you control him.


He also says everyone has to have their no go line such as; I wont get on my knees, won’t get in a car to go someplace else or let myself get tied up. You have set yours and who am I to say otherwise. You’re right, when you know the thug is going to shot, go for it what is there to lose. But those are rare and far between. As John also says: pay attention, attention buys you time and time buys you options.


I just think it’s important to be open minded to our options. There really is no right or wrong answer as to how we respond to an actual deadly threat.

I will say only thing that will hold me back is my PTSD episode. Dude walked in the laundromat with a mask on, I went through my PTSD episode where I was no longer at the laundromat, and then I came back, to where I’m at the laundromat and lost sight of the guy until I recognized his voice and realized he’s not a threat.


I love this one

PS or the: he shot my arm off!


Do you really want to give your business to this type of business with this type of attitude? I know I won’t.


The issue is not where I shop; the issue is whether an employee is willing to work under those restrictions. Hard choices when a person needs a job.

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Thats how to live. I did it for years until dieing family members and elderly ones need help, and as they were here for me when I needed them I am here for them now . There’s just a few dwindling ones left now. The worst thing about it to me is those G** D*** indoor ranges, cant dial in a rifle indoors! Shooting indoors takes everything out of it, I’ll never get used to that.


Exactly! I only go to an indoor if it’s convenient or the weather is bad, other it’s out on the BLM.

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Well i am one of those guys who uses a kane but mine is from Cold Steel,now it has no knife nor sword in it however its made of some really strong plastic so that is back up weapon number one even though you cant call it a weapon in front of police and back up number two is my pepper spray then my tactical folder is the last in line.
I may be getting old at 58 years old but i can still fight and i currently practice Silat and Kali for self defense too as in Ancient times warriors did the whole thing,they grappled,fought on the ground,they learned how to fight standing up unarmed and armed and many learned how to shoot bow and arrow or whatever the projectile weapon of the times they lived in so i do the same thing as well as have situational awareness at all times.Also i travel with a partner who is also armed,Oh there is so much i could tell you that i practice but that would be pages long so my advice to all of the younger people here is to learn the whole thing because your safety should be your highest priority, remember their is only one of you.


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There are times when my wife and I are out and about running errands. Sometimes we stop to get a soda at a convenience store. As usual, she prefers to wait in the truck while I go in the store. I always remind her to lock the doors when I get out and to take her seat belt off. Having the seat belt off, if someone was to attack her, would prevent her from being pinned down by the belt and she stands a better chance of fighting back.

If she is shopping by herself, once she gets in the car, first thing is to lock the door, start the engine, then start driving. Once out of the parking spot and is moving then she will fasten her seat belt.

I taught in the Texas penal system for 21+ years and believe it or not, I’ve picked up some valuable safety tips for the convicts.


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I use what I call the Lighthouse Method of awareness. That is I and always looking around me 360 degrees. I always lol around as I approach my vehicle . Always be aware of what is around you.


Apples and oranges. This is for employees. The gentleman in this self defense situation was an elderly man at his home.

Perhaps, but

“weapons breed violence” and “the robber’s weapon is already one too many” given as reasons to not defend yourself with a weapon is pretty…nonsensical


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