SBR across state lines

I am going to build a B&T USW-G17 SBR kit, but I have a conundrum involving the Glock that I will be using in the kit. In order to move forward, I must register the G19 I wish to use as a SBR for use with the kit. Since the pistol is then registered Title One as a SBR, what happens when I carry the pistol sans the kit and cross into Washington (Spokane) from Idaho (Coeur D’Alene)? It will look like a regular G19 at that point, but is it? Some NFA items I hear must first have permission from the Feds to travel ( write a letter to who?). You would think that if the weapon is not in the stock, it would be a pistol…but who knows. I am thinking of just making a P80 and dedicate it to the project rather than mess with goofing up one of my regular carry guns. Any thoughts?

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@SuperChicken May I suggest a simple solution?

Can’t have too many Glocks. Not possible.


@Craig6 @Spence @45IPAC @MikeBKY any of you guys have insight on this?



Don’t buy Glock!

In all seriousness I have no idea about other states laws when it comes to SBRs. I just know that in Michigan I can keep it loaded in my vehicle because it’s not a “long” rifle.

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@Zee as I understand it there are two things you need to ensure that you have to transport across state lines or to move to another state.

1st it HAS to be LEGAL in the state/city/location you are going to

2nd you need to fill out, submit and get approved by the ATF a 5320.20 (Form 20) which lists where you are going and for how long you may be there (up to one year). This is actually a fairly common practice for competitive shooters and doesn’t take very long compared to the Tax Stamp.

Honestly I would either get another EDC and carry that as opposed to your SBR registered frame. The odds are small that you will ever use your EDC but the odds are guaranteed that if you do it will be confiscated and they will find out in short order that it is an SBR. In that vein I am given to understand that making an 80% Glock frame is a piece of cake.

As with all things NFA do your due diligence research.




Yeah, sounds like the P80 is the way to go, as I have half the parts already. Why poke the bear?