Pertaining to/RV Defense article

In USCCA CONCEALED CARRY, OCT. 2021 volume 18 issue 7 magazine. The article written by Schuyler P. Robertson, RV DEFENSE / Safety in a Motorized Home. Respectfully, a point I didn’t see pertaining to firearms while traveling is the point to know the regulations of transport of firearms in different areas of the country. Or even if you can transport. I know when I go see some family in certain states I cannot have a firearm in the RV especially AR style and some regulations have to do with magazine capacity or even type of ammunition. I’ve/we’ve been RVing for about 20 years now but every time before we take a trip I check-up on any new regulations that might have arisen throughout the route we will embark on.
The most important part of traveling, no matter how, is


I plan on RVing full time within NV, ID, AZ, and UT. Mainly NV. So I shouldn’t have any problems keeping my rifles in my safe.


In Michigan, if the RV is in motion, it’s treated as a vehicle. Once the jacks and stabilizers are down and it’s hooked up to utilities, it’s treated as your domicile.


… prudent thinking. For every road trip I take I build a spreadsheet with notable regs and print a hard copy. 50 miles outside the border, I have my copilot quiz me.