No charges in Ocala neighborhood feud shooting death | News Break

These 2 tribes shot up the neighborhood and torched each other’s cars back in January. 1 dead and 3 hospitalized, and the prosecutor says “no charges.”

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Ocala had had this kind of reputation back in the 90s. Same old same old I guess

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It just goes to show you that in criminal cases its not what you know, or even what’s true. It’s what you can prove that really matters.


Yes, the story makes that clear:

Berndt added “even if one could prove which individual shot and killed Cortney Graham, the shooter would have a claim of self-defense that could not be disprove.”

In the document, Berndt referenced to a state statute that discusses self-defense and when force can be used. She said the statute states the use of force is justified if that person believes it’s necessary to prevent “imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another.” And, when the force is used, he or she does not have to retreat and can stand their ground if the person using the force is not engaged in a criminal activity and has a right to be at the location.

“Since we cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt who actually fired first, all of the participants would have a valid claim of self-defense at trial,” Berndt said in the document.

The prosecutor said “they all were in a place they had a right to be and therefore would be entitled to the no retreat provision found in the self-defense statute.”

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