Mother shoots ex who broke restraining order

There’s a lesson in here somewhere

So tragic that she had a chance to defend herself but still ended up dead.


Reports like this are going to come out faster than bullets from an M249!
Between inflation, absurd gas prices and those in charge lying to us, stuff like this will be the norm. Be ready, be aware! We’ve just entered the Mad Max Zone!


Also remember to teach her not to put her thumb behind the slide!


The lesson I got was she didn’t know, or didn’t expect, maybe had second thoughts; “Continue to pull the trigger until the threat has ended.” Add everyone needs to realize bullets make small holes and even if they are ‘mostly/highly’ effective; it takes time for the attacker’s blood pressure to drop far enough for the brain to starve and become ineffective at controlling the muscles of the body.

(That said, I hope everyone practices to the point they would ‘always’ sever the spinal cord - and remember to continue fires until the threat is ended!)


I remember statistics from the movie 21 Bridges so take this with a grain of salt.
During the Civil War, some soldiers just kept loading their muskets without ever firing. Five or six balls loaded on top of each other. In Vietnam, only 30% of frontline infantry soldiers ever fired a shot.”
I read similar stats about Normandy.

I understand if she hesitated after the first shot.
Not everyone has the mindset and I even doubt if she had proper training to “stop the threat,” mentally or otherwise.

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If he’s still moving, keep shooting!

Which is why one does not carry unless he/she is mentally able to do so. As to the soldiers, most were drafted and even those were not likely mentally prepared to shoot another person. It took me a lot of discussions with my LEO relative and a ton of introspection to get to where I was able to carry and willing to harm another person.

The convincing argument from my relative was that it was my responsibility to protect my family and anyone that is willing to harm them or me has already decided their fate. It still took a ton of thought and mental preparation to get past the idea of harming another person. It still does come to mind about how mentally prepared I am, and every time I think about my wife and daughter, I answer yes, I am.


I wish more mothers and daughters would better prepare themselves. I’ve begged mine and they’re just not interested. I do what I can.


Don’t give up, buddy. :+1: