Good Guns for Beginners | New to Concealed Carry | USCCA

Hi guys, haven’t been in here in a really long time. I think the Smith&Wesson M&Pc (compact) series could have been mentioned in this and not just the M&P 9 EZ, i feel that the angle of the grip is so important, and the M&Pc and the Glock are so different, I think that matters a lot, I understand there are Glock folks and there are Smith&Wesson folks, (it’s a constant rivalry lol). I also feel that the 9mm can fall a little short with stopping power, if we teach our new shooters how to grip a firearm properly, then recoil becomes less of an issue. Sure let’s teach them safety and how to handle a firearm with a 9mm, but maybe have the thought of bumping them up to a .40 or even a .45 soon after they learn. Just my thoughts. Hope everyone in here is well, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been here. God bless :pray:t4: