Glock 27 optic

Can an optic be mounted on my g27 gen 4?


I don’t know, BUT I’d imagine so. People were getting Optics cuts on Glocks before it became a standard thing to do. I also saw a really interesting optic that doesn’t require a gun, but it looks awkward for carry.

(Edit: it is a thing. I don’t know if this is a good company, but I found multiple sights like this.

I’d personally go find a gun smith who does optics cuts over mailing the slide somewhere online. You might be able to find a slide already cut for an optic as well.


@Scoutbob cool thanks


That was my conclusion at the end of a rather long thread about a relatively short experiment. Learning to shoot a handgun red dot if you want to grind through the details. TLDR: It broke; it was hard to conceal; the window was too small for me to learn with; sent it back.

I’m working with a Holosun 507K on an adapter plate. I’m liking it a lot better, but with OEM sights on my “experiment gun” I don’t have an iron backup. Same dilemma about cutting my EDC or buying a new gun.