Getting involved with 3rd party encounters

How did the mother sign the baby out of the nursery if she didn’t sign the baby in to start with? The nursery staff needs a way to communicate quickly with the security team.


They definitely need a way to get ahold of the security team, quickly. At my church, we have 2 armed security members stationed at the nursery area. That is the area they cover each week. This allows them to be there at all times, and the children are familiar with them.

The first time I stood in for one of them, the children looked at me like I was a bad guy because they didn’t know me. It took a few weeks, but now they are okay with me being there, and now I get regular high-fives and fist bumps. :smile:


Devil’s Advocate response. This is not how I feel or what I would do.

The child is definitely showing signs of fear and obviously doesn’t want to go with the man…

The child had attempted to shoplift a candy bar and…

A) It’s his father, and the boy knows he is getting a spanking when he gets home.


B) It’s one of the stores plain clothes loss prevention employees.


That’s why cops hate to answer domestic disputes. Wife demands cops arrest hubby. Cops go to put the cuffs on hubby, wifey jumps the cops scratching, spitting and biting. That’s why cops invented the 72 hour divorce. No arrests, no torn uniforms, no bites and scratches. Husband is out of the house, wife cools down so that when hubby comes home on Monday night everything is lovey-dovey. Kids stay at home with wifey, not in some foster home under the tender mercies of CPS. Taxpayers save a bundle of dough.

Not talking about a case involving serious injury just a case with, perhaps, mutual slapping or shoving.

To address the scenario posed, one does not regain custody by demanding the return of the child in a public place. One goes with police officers to the public place to obtain custody of a child and enforce a court order. Demanding a child and attempting to wrest physical custody away from someone else is a scenario that will result in numerous bad results and probably most of them adverse to everyone involved as pointed out by various other posters,.


or just call 911to solve the problem

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Reading is hard, I am guessing. :thinking::innocent: