Florida sheriff urges homeowners to shoot intruders and ‘save taxpayers money’

Jokes aside, there have been many cases where a home “intruder” was an unarmed teenager. Many home intruders are people who have been in the house before. Add the two together, and you get cases where the “bump in the night” is from a kid in your own neighborhood.

There are also many cases where a home “intruder” is confused. Could be mentally ill, a little bit drunk, prescription or illegal drugs, etc. Sometimes they get into the wrong house and can’t figure out where they are.

I can’t imagine how bad it must feel to kill someone in your own house, only to find out that the person was not a threat. Double that if it’s a kid or someone with mental health issues.

No one should be afraid to use necessary force to defend their families inside their homes, but “know your target.” Even if it’s legal, it can leave scars that don’t heal. This sheriff got his name in the news, but I wish he’d choose his words more carefully.


This is where, IMO, people really need to step up their game (or…start playing the game at all…) when it comes to physical barriers to entry. Doors. Windows. Locked. Alarm with sensors on at minimum all doors and windows reachable without a ladder. Good dead belts, door jamb reinforcement or at least 3-3.5" long screws through existing hardware, and always close and lock all doors and windows at all times not being used.

A drunk teenager or college student or whomever that thinks they have a different home shouldn’t be able to just waltz in (or extremely easily break in)

And you as the resident should not wake to a “bump in the night” without knowing anything else about what’s going on, the alarm should be going off to let you know it was (most likely) a perimeter breach and to (most likely) let the “drunk teen” or whomever realize, hey, this isn’t my/friend’s house!



It was a great night when I figured out I didn’t even have to get out of bed to look around the house. I can merely look at my phone and see if the motion cameras have picked up any activity.


Sure, but isn’t that like giving “Them” all the power? To me “They” need to know if you mess around there could be consequences. A drunk teenager or a straight up crazed maniac, you stroll in uninvited you should know…


Giving them all the power to…not end up inside your home uninvited?

Whatever happened to avoidance and deterrence?

I do NOT want to end up confronting somebody in my home who doesn’t belong, if I can avoid it. I take significant measures to avoid it, in fact.


I agree. I am definitely in support of people defending themselves and their loved ones, but the Sheriff’s statement is careless at best. If something “goes bump in the night”, a legal gun owner is obligated to identify what (or who) they are going to shoot at. Also, if someone breaks into my house, the last thing I would consider would be tax dollars.


Clone that Sheriff and send them to EVERY COUNTY across the Country.


IMO this sheriff is careless at best. His comment accomplishes 2 things, 1 empowering some people to believe that they have a license to shoot an intruder before they determine if they are a danger, 2 the sheriff has just opened himself up to be subpoenaed to every case, criminal and civil, where someone has shot an intruder. Those subpoenas will take time away from< the duties he was elected to perform. Also, his words will embolden people to shoot more quickly. How many times over the years have I heard & read accounts of someone waking to the bump in the night, seen a shadow in the hall, shot the “intruder” only to learn when the lights come on, the “intruder deer” was their son or daughter sneaking back into the house.

Yes, absolutely defend yourself and your family, but BE SURE you’re right and you’re justified!


I am very happy that you posted this article, thank you very much with full respect.

This was given to me by USCCA, and it is a must to follow:

Deadly force may be used only when there is an immediate and unavoidable
danger of death or great/grave bodily harm to an innocent person, were no
other option exists other than the use of deadly force.
You must be reasonably in immediate fear of death or
great/grave bodily harm to yourself or another person.
You must be an innocent party.
There must be no lesser force that is sufficient or available
to stop the threat.
You must have no reasonable means of retreat or escape.
The attacker must have indicated his or her intent to cause great bodily
harm or death to you or someone else.
Some ways an attacker might show intent would include deliberately
pointing a weapon at you or stating his or her plan to kill you.
The aggressor must have a conventional or unconventional weapon
capable of inflicting great bodily harm or death.
Guns and knives are not the only weapons that meet these criteria.
many other common objects can be used as weapons. Additionally, an
attacker may be able to inflict death or serious injury using only his or her
hands or feet. If the physical differences between an attacker and his
or her intended victim are so great as to make it clear that the unarmed
attacker could cause death or great bodily harm, the potential victim can
use deadly force to stop the attack.
The subject must have a delivery system — a means of using the weapon
to inflict harm.
A person armed with a baseball bat, having stated his or her intent to
kill you, does not meet the criteria for an imminent threat if he or she is
standing 50 yards away from you or on the other side of a fence.

In Florida, which I live in this great state. We must follow the laws and be
responsible gun owners, if not you end up at Florida Department of Correction
and all its glory.

I do care and thank you again too.


I’m sorry, but play dumb games get dumb results. My doors are locked unless I am outside immediately adjacent to the door. My windows are all locked. Duty to retreat? I’m in MY HOUSE. You are an intruder who has broken a door or a window to get into MY HOUSE. I am supposed to retreat? Why? This is MY HOUSE. I am supposed to determine in a fleeting instant whether you are hostile, crazy drunk, crazy high on drugs or just plain crazy? I’m sorry my degree in psychoanalysis is still in the mail. It’s coming all the way from Shanghai, China and right now they are having a little trouble with their home grown virus (home grown with a U.S. taxpayer funded grant from Alfred E. Fauci) Am I the only one who thinks he looks like an older Alfred E. Newman only not quite as smart?

I don’t have the time when my frail, older wife is in possible danger from some drunk, drug addict or crazy. You know the old saying, when seconds count, the cops are minutes away? Sometimes even longer than that. Recently a woman called the cops telling the dispatcher she was in mortal danger. The cops showed up an hour later after she had been dead for some time.

Teenager or septuagenarian, you have a responsibility for your own safety. If you break into an occupied dwelling at night in most states you have committed a felony. While I haven’t seen the jury instructions for an occupied building at night in some time, it is my belief that it is not a specific intent crime, all you have to do is break into a occupied dwelling at night to complete all the elements of the felony of first degree burglary.

Mentally ill? I think the way we treat our mentally ill folks is a crime against humanity. We have less beds in actual number in dedicated mentally ill facilities than we had in the 18th century. Folks, that is not progress. That said, I am not about to place my wife’s well being in danger because society has failed in its duty to our mentally ill citizens. I don’t have the training to make an instantaneous evaluation whether a mentally ill person in my house is a danger to me or my wife. I have to act on what is before me and that is an unknown danger. He or she has forcibly entered my secured home. What inference am I or any other reasonable person to draw from a forcible entry into a private home? The only reasonable inference that I can draw from that circumstance is that the person is a danger to all inside.

We used to screen for TB and for mental illness before we let immigrants off Angel Island or Ellis Island. We no longer do that. We let every kind of illness and mental illness into the country with no screening at all. That is a crime against the citizenry of this country perpetrated at the federal level and in some cases at the local level. We have a right and duty to protect ourselves against the malfeasance of our elected officials whose first duty is public safety for all the law abiding citizens of this country.

It is my opinion that the folks who think the sheriff is wrong and that they are going to have a discussion with the intruder in the wee hours of the morning to determine if the six foot, 200 pound 16 year old who has just broken down the back door is a danger or not haven’t given serious thought to what can happen in just seconds.

I applaud the sheriff for indirectly telling miscreants and trouble makers in his county that there is no weeping and wailing going to go on if they commit a felony and in the process of committing that felony happen to get killed. It just may cause some folks who feel free to induce in immature behavior to reconsider their life style.


Why not move to Cuba where you think you’ll feel safe

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I don’t understand how we got from me saying “know your target” to you saying I should move to Cuba.


Whatever happened to civility? If you get past my perimeter defenses, and you forcibly “breach” my castle, I know you mean to do me harm! Those defenses were meant for you to avoid, ( that locked door is there for your safety ) I have the ABSOLUTE right to deter you where you stand! This applies to my situation only, if you sleep with your doors open, same rules apply to you, play stupid games win stupid intruders!

I’ve fortified my home as much as the law will allow. They forbid claymores, barbed/razor wire and electrified fences. I could deter a lot if only!

If you think about it we could save billions if homeowners did exactly what he says! Billions, just the cost of the cleanup crew!

How’s this for avoidance and deterrence, bad guys need to fear good guys. They don’t, to them we are all just fish in a barrel with a few good by-passable locks!
These days there’s not a single relative or roommate that should enter the castle without fair warning, whether that’s a phone call or curfew!

If we think hard enough, didn’t that sheriff create a form of deterrence?
When you have an administration that condones bloodshed, violence and applauds law enforcement assassination, avoidance and deterrence are out the window!

Thou shall not break into my home and thou shall not kill! It’s fairly simple!
And yet EVERYONE has a problem with deterrence! See, if we meant it we could save billions!

Theses are just jokes meant to be hung above the bar or on the bedroom wall next to the stolen “stop” sign! Personally, if I saw those signs, you can be sure I’m going to be deterred!

So maybe we could rephrase the question!
We’ve been deterred from deterring, and I’m damn sure not running from my castle!

I have a solution, make crime tax deductible! Ok! So I’m a victim of a home invasion, I survive and unfortunately the bad guy survives, I don’t pay taxes ever again and government pays me everything I paid in during my lifetime till the day my home was broken into. If bad guy loses, I only get half of what I paid in. Sounds like deterrence to me. Maybe the government will assist in the avoidance part!


That’s all good if you can afford the have all the bells and whistles to warn you.


You’re absolutely right, it took me many years to afford my defenses and some bouts of paranoia and that was just during the law and order years. Now I feel unsafe again. Yes, I’m seriously considering electrified razor wire! Just kidding, haven’t gotten the “deterrence” permit yet!


@Daniel257 Welcome to the community. :us:


I believe if you own farm animals, like sheep, etc., you can use electrified fences. :rofl:


I think you guys are getting far afield here. I might have read it wrong or remember it wrong but wasn’t the sheriff talking burglars? I believe as with every situation you have to assess the situation first. There are too many variations of an intruder or burglary coming into your home. To me that makes almost anything said here of little use. Have a plan, code words for loved ones and ID the target before firing.


For context, my “what happened to deterrence” post was in direct response to a post suggesting it was giving “them” all the power if you make your home difficult to get into you.

All the things you talked about that make your home your castle and make it hard to get into are what I was referring to when I said deterrence.


It need not be expensive.

When I lived in an apartment as a broke college student, I simply used these:

Like, $5 a window/door.

$40 to make your door significantly more difficult to break in while home

It’s not like you need to spend a lot of money, an ounce of prevention

3-3.5" screws in you rlocks/hinges/strike plates is very inexpensive as well. Screws, a drill, and a few minutes per door.