First time gun purchase

My first trip to the range I shot a 9mm, and a 40 glock. They were easily managed for me and I ended up buying a 9mm. The funny thing about this is I wonder if shooting airsoft and bb guns as a kid prepared me for it. It really is the same concept (unless you shoot from the hip). I’m also a larger frame person so 9mm doesn’t scare me.

I would really recommend 9mm first for most people. I think after Dry fire drills and range time it becomes a practical tool for self defense. It’s not practical to spend tons of money on a 22 gun and then buy a 9mm (unless you rent for awhile, but even then that’s money that can go twards a gun). If some one new is some what skidish and easily startled, than .22 may be the best.

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Yes, that makes a lot of sense. If it was a J frame shooting 45ACP the recoil is likely much more than a 38 spl or even 38 spl +P. Not to mention if it was an airweight or not and what type of grips it had.

For me, the simplest explanation for my gripping technique is a high hold. It’s funny how many YT’ers get the highest hold possible on their 9mm pistols, then you see them review a revolver and their grip is so low. Additionally, many newer revolver grips aren’t really designed for a high grip. I had to change my 66-8’s grips because of this. Additionally, I didn’t like the stock grips on the air weight J frame I rented, but bet that different grips would have made it feel like shooting a totally different gun. I just didn’t want it bad enough to get it and experiment compared to a mini 9.

For the record, the airweight J frame, stock grips, and 38 spl +P combo was not fun for me at all. I might revisit it in the future with different grips that support a high grip.


I’ve never even heard of a .45 J frame, but ever a 38 in a airweight snub is a royal pain to shoot well. It “can” be done, but it’s not up there on the fun gun list. I’ve got a 3” stainless model 60 performance center and it’s no fun with .357’s, though not bad with .38’s, even +p’s. I had a 329 at one time. With .44 specials it was decent, with magnums, it was deadly on both ends. I actually enjoyed the .44 special in it, but a met a guy who wanted it more than I did😏

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I thought this was an interesting commentary. :us:


It is interesting! I am a Glock guy and have been for the last 25 years. That said, I’ve owned Colts, Sigs, S&W, Remington, Bushmaster, Beretta, Ruger, Kel-Tec, Mossburg and maybe a couple others.
I think the “glamour” of the Glock is that it is or was the “standard” firearm of more law enforcement agencies and military units over the past nearly 40 years. Glock is widely known for its simplicity and reliability. They have relatively few part compared to most other firearms. They are durable and take abuse very well while being easy to disassemble and maintain. And, finally, with their polymer frame, they are significantly lighter than similar sized pistols.
In this forum, I have seen many people discussing what EDC to purchase and the responses all vary based on lots of personal preferences. But, when it comes to getting EDC ammo, I have seen more people than not suggest the person look at what the local police are using. “If it’s good enough for tho police, it’s good enough for me!” I think the public has often taken the same approach with firearms.”


I agree, very interesting. I think the root cause isn’t anything “wrong” with a Glock, its the person making the recommendation not managing those expectations from what the new user wants/needs versus what they are getting.

a) not explaining “why” they should choose a Glock vs any other option (as @MikeBKY points out, legendary reliability, simplicity, aftermarket support [holsters, mags, etc])
b) not understanding/addressing concerns the new user is bound to have (safety/no safety, where/how is it stored, who is using it, etc)
c) not spending time to see if that option is the best choice for that new user

This made me wonder if I should go visit LGS to see what Glocks are available on sale :smiley:


Interesting video and it makes sense a lot of first time buyers who aren’t very familiar with Firearms would go on advice and or name recognition and pick up a Glock only to find out it wasn’t really for them. This happens all the time with other products non firearm related also. I think of a good friend of mine who hated the iPhone after he got one, but that’s what everyone told him he needed…

Glocks are exceptional pistols and I have pretty much devoted myself to the platform. I currently have one at Boresight Solutions getting some work done. But I definitely see why they aren’t for everyone. There’s the whole grip angle issue and lack of external safety for those who want one and several other various issues for different people. I personally had to warm up to them myself and as I evolved as a shooter I found myself gravitating back to the platform. For me it’s reliability, effectiveness, concealability, and ease of use. Not to mention I can find whatever parts/accessories I want instantly and usually priced very attractively.

To each their own and Firearms are definitely not a one size fits all deal. We’re lucky to live in a day and age so many excellent choices.

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